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Recently, the Government of Indonesia has targeted its development focus for energy security of the country which is in line with RDI focus and work. One of RDI research clusters is “Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction (REER). Previously, RDI has undergone continuously research related to ur-ban, community and tourism resilience to coastal hazards in several at-risk areas in Indonesia. Such research studies are important to strengthen policy and practices in sustainable development of Indonesia for promoting social and economic growth while it is prone to any environmental threats. We believe that coastal system has to be increased for its resilience capacity in order to prevent any losses and ensure maritime development aims.

In April 2016, RDI conducted an intensive research study with Coventry University (CU), as part of an MoU con-ducted between RDI & CU. This complements to previous RDI collaboration with national and international institu-tions. Furthermore in march 2017, RDI has an MoU signed with Leeds University, School of Geography, focusing on research and capacity buildings. RDI will be a hub for sending out PhD Students to Leeds University, studying Geography, Transportation Engineering and Earth Science.

RDI has secured prestigious grants from Global Challenge Research Funds, Knowledge Frontiers and Authoraid of United Kingdom, International Foundation of Science (IFS) Sweden and many projects from International Organizations and Funding Sources.

Now, RDI has become to be an emerged think thank group in Bandung which has 26 institutional partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and universities in Indonesia & abroad. Such collaboration, we believe, will encourage more research and contribute to current body of knowledge of resilience studies.


Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) is an Indonesian think tank initiative that focuses on community, environmental change and sustainable development. RDI contributes to the body of knowledge on development and resilience research studies. As an organization promoted by research team, RDI presents a dynamic group and creative ideas to approach and solve resilience issues. RDI continuously publishes working papers, conference proceedings and journal papers. RDI members actively attend national and international conferences to disseminate research findings.

To be a leading institute in research on sustainable development and resilience studies in Indonesia and South East Asia

RDI contributes to the body of knowledge on development and resilience research studies.

RDI has carried out a number of research projects in several locations in Indonesia, among others:
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Complete description about Resilience Development Initative can be seen in RDI Profile 2018