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Dhimas Bayu Anindito
Gadjah Mada University

DHIMAS BAYU ANINDITO, has a professional and master’s degree in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics from University College London. He proficients in basic economic analysis, quantitative and spatial analysis using GUI-based software (SPSS, ArcGIS, and QGIS), programming languages (Python, R, Javascript), etc. He has enjoyed being a Researcher since he was in college and has many publications, one of the updated publication titles in 2022 was Exploring city branding in Wonosobo: How the tale is told. Besides that, Dimas is active and also attends international or national conferences and seminars. He currently works at Gaja Madah University as a Lecturer Department of Architecture and Planning and as an Expert, at the Center for Regional Planning and Development. In addition, Dhimas holds a Researcher, Climate Change Center at Institut Teknologi Bandung that focuses on designing the annual research, preparing the overall report with a focus on the Indonesian energy governance, devising interview questions, and analyzing the collected data, academic articles for publication, and coordinating with the consortium team about the quality control of research. 

Research Interest

Climate Change, Urban Transportation, Smart City, Community Engagement, and Sustainable Development.

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