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RDI is pleased to congratulate all members who have received grants and awards
  • Ramanditya Wimbardana got Best Thesis in Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (2017) in University of Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Elisabeth Rianawati get award by IFS-SEARCA, with topic "Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Husk Mixed with Animal Dung for the Production Biogas in Indonesia"
  • Ramanditya Wimbardana attended the 16th East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii and get which granted Ramanditya full travel grant to present a RDI research "Hotel Adaptation to Climate Change in Tourism Area, a Case Study in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia". On 16 -19 February 2017
  • Adzani Ameridyani, LPDP Scholarship for Master Degree in Kyoto University
  • Alpian Angga Pratama, New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship for Master Degree in Canterbury University
  • Ida Ansharyani: research grant from Rufford on Conservation
  • Dodon Yamin and Efraim Sitinjak: master degree from Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Aminu Haruna Isa: doctoral degree from Abuja University, Nigeria.
  • Elisabeth Rianawati, Short Course on Flood Risk Management, UNESCO-IHE Delft funded by Netherlands Fellowship Programme.
  • Dika Fajri, STUNED Scholarship for Master Degree in Wageningen University
  • Praditya Adhitama, STUNED Scholarship for Master Degree in ITC, Faculty of Geo
  • Information Science and Earth Science at University of Twente
  • Ayu Krishna get a Doctorate from University of Education (UPI), Indonesia
  • Elisabeth Rianawati get awards by IFS-SEARCA, with topic "Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Husk Mixed with Animal Dung for the Production Biogas in Indonesia"
  • Wahyu Lubis get LPDP Scholarship for Master Degree
  • Elisabeth Rianawati and Wahyu Lubis, DRR Workshop Grant (Travel and Accommodation) in Yogyakarta, by Newton Fund, Yogyakarta, February, 2016.
  • Ramanditya Wimbardana for participating in 4th International Conference on Sustainable Development, at Columbia Univesity, New York, 23rd – 24th September 2016
  • Yasmina Wulandari for participating in International Conference on Feminism, in Jakarta, 23rd –25th September 2016 and 5th International Workshop on Psychological Intervention After Disasters, in Manila, 14th—17th November 2016
  • Elisabeth Rianawati for participating in IFS-SEARCA Proposal Workshop, in Los Banos, 29th August - 2rd September 2016
  • Alpian Angga Pratama for participating in Water Security and Climate Change Conference, in Bangkok, 29th November - 1st December 2016
  • Fernando Situngkir, Taiwan Conference Grant (Travel and Accommodation) at South
  • China Sea Tsunami Workshop (SCSTW7), Taoyuan, Taiwan. November 2014.
  • Elisabeth Rianawati, AUNSEED Travel Grant for 7th ASEAN Environmental Engineering Conference, Palawan, Philippines. November 2014.
  • Ramanditya Wimbardana, Fulbright Scholarship 2014 for Master Degree in US.
  • Saut Sagala, Full Scholarship for Training on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural
  • Heritage, Ritsumeikan University and UNESCO, September 2015, Kyoto, Kobe & Tohoku, Japan.
  • Alpian Angga Pratama, Registration Grant acceptance in Cities on Volcanoes 8 Conference. Living in Harmony with Volcano : Bridging the will of nature to society. 9-13 September, 2014.
  • Dian Luthfiana, Australian Award Scholarship 2014 for Master Degree in Australia.