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ASEAN Safe School Initiative

Plan International initiated a programme called ASEAN Safe School Initiative, endorsed by ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) in January 2013. After 3 years of implementation, ASSI Programme Strategy 2017-2020 was adopted by ACDM. This programme strategy emphasized strengthening of collaboration, building national capacities, and enhancing advocacy and knowledge management as essential outcomes for sustaining school safety in the country. To develop this, Plan collaborates with RDI in developing a reporting mechanism for ASSI countries. The report mechanism phase will include conceptualization of a regional mechanism or tool for reporting school safety efforts and initiatives of different stakeholders in the ASEAN region and development of a guideline for employing the reporting mechanism. The guideline will be based on existing ASEAN structures, approved standards, as well as prevailing principles and frameworks, develop a mechanism for reporting school safety initiatives in the ASEAN region. The assessment is conducted by a team in RDI led by Dr. Saut Sagala and supported by Mr. Avianto Amri and Mr. Yusra Tebe. This activity is done as a part of DCR (Disaster and Climate Resilience) and CSWH (Children, Social Welfare, and Health) cluster.