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Save The Children

Baseline Transforming Gender Norms among School Children in West Java

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik (STC) commissioned RDI to carry out baseline for transforming gender norms among school children in Bandung District and Cianjur District, West Java. The team is led by Dr. Akino Midhany Tahir, supported by Rizkita Mardea, Adryan Sasongko and Husnul Alberdi. The objectives of the baseline are: 1. Analyze the pre-existing situation of health, hygiene, and nutrition services in assisted area, including the availability of school health facilities and mechanism or standard operating procedure (SOP) to protect children from School Related Gender based Violence (SRGBV). 2. Analyze pre-existing knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of students, teachers, and parents in assisted area toward future planning equitable for girls and boys, health and hygiene practices, adolescent sexual reproductive health, violence free parenting/ teaching including School Related Gender based Violence (SRGBV), and hygiene management for boys and girls (Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene Management). 3. Identify pre-existing government support in promoting girl and very young adolescent (VYA)-friendly services at school and in the community.