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Central Sulawesi Emergency Response Program Partnership Model Review (Management Audit)

Oxfam Indonesia commissioned Dr. Saut Sagala (Senior Research Fellow of RDI) to carry out an Oxfam’s Central Sulawesi Emergency Response Program Partnership Model Review (Management Audit). The objective of the review is to obtain and analyse measurable evidence from the partnership model and to assess the effectiveness and relevancy of its partners in delivering a better quality response for the next program phase. The consultancy work is part of a wider process to undertake a comprehensive partnership model review for Central Sulawesi-Emergency Response Project in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The findings will be synthesised with the support of the Oxfam Global Humanitarian Team (GHT) to contextualise and feed into wider processes related to future country strategy and model discussions and inform the development of learning products. The “self-assessment” is a key tool that will be used to manage the results that is linked with knowledge-building, learning, accountability, and informed decision-making. Dr. Saut Sagala is supported by Amesta Ramadhani, ST., M.PWK. to analyse qualitative data to determine the business processes, ways of working and the decision-making of the partnership members and to identify the governance and coordination established between Oxfam Indonesia and JMK (Jejaring Mitra Kemanusiaan).