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Save The Children

Child Right Situation Analysis in Papua and East Java

Funded by Save the Children, Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA) as an in-depth description of the extent to which children’s rights are being enjoyed and an analysis of the obstacles to, and enablers of, their realization, is a necessarily needed to capture country facts. Every country has its own particular mix of state and non-state involvement in protecting and fulfilling rights. Key actors involved in the delivery of public services (eg, health, education, protection) will include the state itself (at the very least in determining policy, formulating legislation and raising resources from its taxation base), but may also involve individuals (as taxpayers and electors), civil society, faith and not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector.
The Situation Analysis will make use of multiple methodologies and techniques. Both primary and secondary data will be collected, and quantitative as well as qualitative information will be used. Primary research will include the following: (1) Analysis of the extent to which children’s rights have been realized in two provinces (Papua and East Java) ; (2) Analysis of which children are amongst the most marginalized and excluded; (3) Analysis of the extent to which duty bearers, key actors and stakeholders are able to protect and fulfil children’s rights, and where possible forecast the likely trend of this over the next 5 years, through review of policies, budget expenditure and gaps; (4) Identify any opportunities and constraints.
This situational analysis will be conducted in 2 region: Papua, and East Java.