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Climate Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment

SNV Netherlands Development Organization initiated a programme called Urban Sanitation & Hygiene for Health & Development (USHHD) to create a city-wide, sustainable, and inclusive sanitation in cities as a mean to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During their inception phase, SNV conducted a climate vulnerabillity and resilience (CVR) assesment. The CVR will identify the key vulnerabilities in the city and expose the ways in which climate change is likely to increase these, while also proposing ways to increase the city's resilience. In order to deepen our understanding of the possible climate vulnerabilities of WASH services available in Bandar Lampung, Metro, and Tasikmalaya.
The assessment will analyse upstream and downstream interactions and how these are (or are likely to) impact WASH conditions and service provision in the city. It will look at the existing and planned WASH infra-structures and assess their current and potential future vulnerabilities considering climate change dynamics in the area. It will identify potential sources of conflict on access, use, management and sustainability of WASH services. It will provide recommendations on how to increase resilience considering all the issues identified.
The assessment is conducted by a team in RDI led by Dr. Saut Sagala and supported by Ms. Elisabeth Rianawati and Ms. Yasmina Wulandari. This activity is done as a part of DCR (Disaster and Climate Resilience) and WWM (Water and Waste Management) cluster.