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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Final Evaluation of Indonesia Post-Disaster Livelihood Recovery Project in Mt. Sinabung and Mt. Kelud

Funded by Food and Agriculture Organization, RDI collaborated with FAO in final evaluation of post-disaster livelihood recovery in Mt. Sinabung and Mt. Kelud. The project is located in Karo, North Sumatera Province for Mt. Sinabung, and for Mt. Kelud the project is carried out in three districts: Malang, Blitar, and Kediri in East Java Province. The evaluation will be led by Dr. Henri Sitorus of North Sumatera University with Mrs. Elisabeth Rianawati from RDI. The project evaluates UN efforts on livelihood recovery after the devastating volcano eruption of Mt. Sinabung and Mt. Kelud. The objectives of the evaluation, to which RDI referred to, were to critically evaluate the achievement of result in Joint Programme Documents, post-disaster recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction, assess effectiveness of capacity development, short term economic impact and provide recommendations in light of findings.