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Rutgers WPF Indonesia


According to Komnas Perempuan in 2016 there are 321.752 reported cases of violence against women. Increasing from 2015 with 293.220 cases. Making it being highest ranking violence in the personal realm, especially against wives. According to KPPPA in 2006 there are 2,27 million women in Indonesia who have experienced domestic violence. Prevention+ Programme aims to reduce violence against women through involvement of men as agent of change in increasing women economic participation by promoting positive masculinity value based on equity and non-violence. Since 2016, Rutgers is the lead organisation for Prevention+. Prevention+ is a five-year multi-country programme that addresses the root causes of gender-based violence by focusing on men as agents of change and promoting healthy masculinities based on equality, caregiving, and non-violence.
RDI is conducting the mid-term evaluation to provide insight into the progress of the and to inform strategic decisions on the way forward in the remaining two years of the Prevention+ programme. The review will pave the way for improved programme delivery for the remaining duration and will propose amendments and recommendations in programme design, implementation arrangements and/or institutional linkages in order to effectively and sustainability contribute to the objectives of the Prevention+. The evaluation will assess the implementation of the Prevention+ project and provide recommendation towards programme implementation. The evaluation will consider the project’s contributions to ending gender-based violence in Indonesia and the targeted regions (Lampung and Yogyakarta).