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Children Social Welfare and Health

CSWH is a research cluster that focuses on children in risk environment, social welfare, gender issues, and public health. This cluster is chaired by Elisabeth Rianawati M Eng. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Rizkita Mardea.
Current Publications
  • Navigating the infinite timeline: Social integration of refugees in long-term transit |2018| Download
  • In dialogue with the Grassroots: Advocating for the Role of Women in Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism in Indonesia |2018| Download
  • Does Social Protection on Education increase the Capacity of Community in Facing Disaster |2017| Download
  • Identifying Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Efforts for Children into the West Java Development Planning |2017| Download
  • Adaptive Social Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Community Resilience: Evidence from Rural Areas in Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Children Vulnerability And Capacity Toward Climate Change Impact In West Java Province, Indonesia |2016| Download
  • The most effective Social Protection measures for building resilience in children in the face of natural disasters in the Cianjur District |2016| Download
  • The Impact of Social Protection Program to Community Resilience in West Java, Indonesia |2016| Download
  • The impact of Program Keluarga Harapan Implementation to community resilience in East Nusa Tenggara |2016| Download
  • Disaster Impacts and Children Welfare in West Java Province, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • The Disaster Impacts on Children Welfare in West Java Province, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Livelihood Adjustments to Climate Changes and Foreign Migrant Worker |2014| Download
Related Research
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  • Examining Identity and Belonging of Youth Descendants of Japanese-Indonesian International Marriages Living in Japan and Indonesia: A Comparison
    Sumitomo Foundation (2019)
  • Constructing a Shared Identity: Engaging Youth in Creative Placemaking for Social Integration of Urban Refugees in Indonesi
    Sasakawa Peace Foundation (2019)
  • Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
    Asian Development Bank (2019)
  • Children Rights
    Resilience Development Initiative (2018)
  • Evaluation of “Smart Indonesia” Program’s Role (Program Indonesia Pintar) on youth resilience in facing disaster potency and social problem in Cianjur District
    ITB Research Grant (2017)
  • Comparing Global Practices to Integrate Migrants in The Cities
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • Social Protection and Capacity to Deal with Disaster Risk
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • Impacts of Climate Change to Children with Case Studies in West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2016)
  • Mid Term Review Country Strategic Plan
    Plan International Indonesia (2015)
  • Situational Analysis of Disaster and Climate Change Risks Impact to Children in West Java
    Save the Children (2015)