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Become a DiBiCoo Biogas Demo Project Partner!

DiBiCoo activities focuses on capacity building, support to establish favourable conditions for cooperation in the biogas sector, as well as the development of promising biogas projects. These biogas projects will lead to increased energy security, local added value, job creation and the share of renewable energy at local level while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In each partner country, DiBiCoo supports the development of biogas demo projects in the target countries up to investment stage. The focus is on high impact projects using mainly organic waste. This may include residues and wastes from agriculture, landscaping, sewage management, livestock farming as well as organic waste streams from industrial processes such as among others food, feed and beverage processing. Organic waste conversion to biogas and further renewable energy generation is beneficial to the environment and for businesses (e.g. waste-to-energy, reliable electricity supply, reduced diesel fuel costs, reduced waste streams, or production of fertilizer).

Our Offers

A DiBiCoo biogas demo project will get expert support in the initial phase of developing their biogas project up to the investment stage. Furthermore, we provide tools and trainings to meet operational and organizational requirements of the biogas business as well as the opportunity to get in contact with professional biogas technology suppliers, project developers and potential investors. Our support activities for you are (among others):

  • Assistance in developing a suitable technical concept for the biogas plant: Technical concepts will include assessment and elaboration on feedstock sourcing, conversion, and final use of biogas. European manufacturers will be directly involved for technical assistance and to communicate the possibility of the adaptation of European technology.
  • Support in conducting a pre-feasibility study: Pre-feasibility study will cover technical and economic aspects. The Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) will work with RDI to provide support to local stakeholders responsible for the accepted demo case.
  • Assistance in the analysis of key environmental and social impacts: Impact analysis will take a look at the benefits that the demo case would bring to the environment (GHG emissions, impact to better waste management, etc.). Impact to the local economy will also be analysed (e.g. Jobs, Rural Development, etc.)
  • Joint business model development: Innovative business model designs will be developed by Greencape South Africa, an organisation experienced in consulting with businesses in coordination with RDI and local stakeholders. Joint business model development is aimed at developing a business guideline for the biogas sectors of each partner countries which illustrate guiding business principles and cultural characteristics suitable to the local condition in Indonesia.
  • Trainings, know-how transfer, study tours, tools and matchmaking events
    • There are 2 Study Tours for selected Indonesian business delegations to visit biogas sites in Europe to see existing technology in operation and to learn more about the technologies and build trust between partners.
    • Capacity Building - 2 capacity building training courses for planners, potential biogas plant operators, industries, decision makers, policymakers, and financial institutions. This capacity building program will be coordinated by WIP Renewable Energies ( and arranged by RDI. Contents and quality of the training course will be developed by Europe Biogas Association, German Biogas Association, and Austrian Biogas Association.
    • Selected expert will present on EU biogas technologies and cooperation opportunities in 10 DiBiCoo thematic webinars.
    • Business Design and manager trainings will accommodate businesses from Indonesia to learn about german companies and attend a Manager Training Programme operated by GIZ central office in Germany.
  • Direct link to professional biogas technology suppliers, project developers and potential investors, supported by the DiBiCoo information system

*All support offers are free of charge
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