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Finance and Business Management

FBM is focuses on assessments on finance and business management studies. This cluster is chaired by Dodon Yamin MT. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Ichsan Hafiz.
Current Publications
  • Risk Identification of Poultry, Fishery, and Rice Mill Businesses in Small and Medium Enterprises in Kendal Regency, Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Analysing the Economic Benefits of Rural Biogas Adoption in Selo Sub-District, Boyolali, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Tourist Brand Loyalty Based Consumer Typology: a case study of Hot Spring Resort in Cipanas, Garut District, West Java |2015| Download
  • Analisa Brand Image dalam Brand Management pada Hotel di Obyek Wisata Cipanas Garut |2015| Download
  • Penilaian Dampak Bencana Alam Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Wilayah Jangka Pendek (Studi Kasus: Provinsi Sumatera Barat Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi Tahun 2009) |2014| Download
Related Research
  • Eco-tourism and geoparks as a new strategy for socio-economic rural development. Study case : Mount Batur, Bali
    ITB Research Grant (2017)
  • The Impact of Aid Budget Restructuring on Donor and NGO Strategies
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • Shopping Travel Behaviour
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • Economics of Disaster in Decentralized Indonesia
    ITB Research Grant (2016)
  • Assessing Economic Potential of Biogas for Rural Development in Selo, Boyolali, Central Java
    ITB Research Grant (2015)
  • Local Community Empowerment in Disaster Mitigation with Micro Insurance (Pemberdayaan masyarakat lokal dalam mitigasi bencana dengan asuransi mikro) (studi kasus : Masyarakat Nelayan Desa Eretan Wetan, Indramayu)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)