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Pribasari Damayanti


Research Fellow


Disaster & Climate Resilience (DCR)



Pribasari Damayanti is a Research Fellow in Resilience Development Initiative.

Research Interest

Disaster risk management, climate change adaptation.

Year Experience

Master in Regional and City Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.


Bachelor in Regional and City Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Work Experiences
Year Experience
2014 - Present

CEO of PT. Sejahtera 15 (Consultant enganged in the field of Design, Planning, and Mapping).

2014 - 2017

Manager of PT. Jaya Obayashi

2013 – 2014

DRR Facilitator for Disaster Preparedness for Community in West Java (Rancekek District, Majalaya District, and Padalarang District).


Facilitator and Module Writer Assistant at, “Disaster Risk Mitigation Training for Public Servant in West Java”.


Project Assistant for, “Analysis of Climate Change Condition in Banten Province”.

2012 - 2013

Project Assistant for, “Innovation in Inclusive Development in Indonesia”.


Research Assistant for, “Study of Social Ecological System in the Northern Part of Bandung”.


Research Assistant for, “Identification of the Effect of Out Migration to the Poverty in Indramayu Regency, West Java, Indonesia”.


Project Assistant for, “Public Private Partnership Report of Infrastructure in Indonesia”.


Research Assistant of PHKI Project “Program Improvement Added Value Production Chain through Integrated Area Development”.


Research Assistant for “Fund Raising and Community Mapping Needs”.


Surveyor of Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) for “Data Updating for University Lecturer 2011”.


Research Assistant for, “Regional Regulation Draft in Landuse Planning in Subang Regency”.


Research Assistant for “Building Community Resilience from Social Network Analysis”. Case Study: DAS Bengawan Solo Hilir”.


Staff Technique of Nusantara Agung Raya Consultant, Bandung.

Organizational Experiences
Year Experience
2011 - Present

Member for Disaster Risk Reduction Forum of West Java, Head Division of Bandung Disaster Study Group (BDSG) This group has conducted several disaster education programs at many places in West Java. This group also establishes cooperation with other organizations due to disaster management activities, such as Waseda University Japan, Kyoto University, Geology Department (Badan Geologi ESDM), and others. This organization also has routine programs such as sharing session, disaster education, youth exchange, and many others.

Seminar, Training, Workshop
    • 2016, Seminar of ISO 14001 version 2015
    • 2014, Practical Problem Solving, Training held by Toyota Equipment & Facility Club
    • 2014, First Aider Training by Department of Labor and Safety of DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia
    • 2013, Participant of, “Working Group Meeting, Natural Disaster Risk Assessment and Area Business Continuity Plan Formulation for Industrial Agglomerated Areas in the Asian Region.”
    • 2012, Paper Presenter at Plano Cosmo International Conference, ITB
    • 2012, Model Asia Europe Meeting, Singapore, July 2012
    • 2012, Short Term Study Abroad of "Risk Management for the 21st Century: What We Can Learn From The Great East Japan Earthquake.", held by Tokai University, in Japan, February 2012
    • 2011, Seminar, “Joint Venture for Infrastructure Development in the Context of Globalization and Decentralization”, ITB, 2011
    • 2011, Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation Workshop, held by World Youth Foundation, in Melaka Malaysia
    • 2011, ArcGIS Training by COMLABS ITB
    • 2010, The Climate Change Action Training, held by The Climate Project Indonesia in ITB
Event Organizing
    • 2013, Formatter at Seminar “Innovation Action in Flood Management” in ITB collaboration with UNIID-SEA (Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia)
    • 2012, Formatter at Seminar “Innovation in Inclusive Development” in ITB collaboration with UNIID-SEA (Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia)
    • 2011, Head Committee of International University Exchange Seminar, Toward a Safer and Sustainable Future: A Disaster Risk Reduction, ITB & Toyohashi.
    • 2008, Chaperon of Disaster Education for Students from Informal School Children (SIFA) ITB collaborate with Kyoto University Disaster Prevention School (KIDS) Japan