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Dr. Erwin Nugraha


Senior Research Fellow


Disaster & Climate Resilience



I am a human geographer focusing on climate change and urban studies. My research falls broadly across climate change adaptation, (urban) resilience, disaster risk reduction, and risk communication within the context of cities in the Global South. I was the first social scientist who wins the Allianz Climate Risk Research Awards in 2017..

Research Interest

The politics and governance of climate change adaptation, cultures of risk and resilience, urban decolonialityt.

Year Experience

Ph.D in Human Geography, Durham University, UK.


M.Sc in Risk and Environmental Hazards, Durham University, UK.


S.T/B.Eng in Regional and City Planning, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

Working Experiences
Year Experience

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (PDRA), Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University, UK.


Part-time teacher or academic tutor, Durham University, UK.


Part-time teacher or academic tutor, Durham University UK..


Senior Research Associate, Sumatera Institute of Technology, Indonesia.


Senior Researcher, Mercy Corps, Indonesia.


National Engagement and Corporate Liaison Officer, Mercy Corps, Indonesia.


Project Officer, Mercy Corps, Indonesia.

Professional Certification
    • 2013 Project Management for Development Professionals – Level 1 (PMD Pro1)
    • Peer-reviewed journals:

    • Nugraha, E. Two figures of climate human: Climate change resilience and subjectivities. Global Environmental Change. [In preparation]
    • Nugraha, E. Resilience governmentality: Urban climate resilience, intermediate cities, and knowledge-power. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. [In preparation]
    • Rahman, M.B.R., Nurhasanah, I.S.N., Nugraha, E., & Harahap, T. (2019) Urban political ecology of coastal communities in Bandar Lampung city, Indonesia: Urban dynamics and metabolism. Journal of Regional and City Planning: pp.1-20. [Submitted and under review]
    • Nugraha, E, Lassa, J.A. (2018). Towards endogenous disasters and climate adaptation policy making in Indonesia. Disaster Prevention and Management, Volume 27 (2): 228-242.
    • Tyler, S.; Nugraha, E. Nguyen, H.K.; Nguyen, N.V.; Sari, A.D., Thinpanga, P.; Trang, T.T; Verma, S.S. (2016). Indicators of urban climate resilience: A contextual approach. Environmental Science and Policy, Volume 66: 420-426.
    • Lassa, J.A.; Nugraha, E. (2014). From shared learning to shared action in building resilience in the city of Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. Environment and Urbanization, Volume 27 (1): 161-180.

    • Book Chapter:

    • Nugraha, E. Geographical scale and intermediary politics of urban climate experiments in Indonesia. In: Ruszczyk, H; Nugraha, E. (eds). Overlooked Cities: Perspectives from medium-sized cities of the Global South. Routledge. [In preparation]

    • Edited Book:

    • Ruszczyk, H; Nugraha, E. (eds). Overlooked Cities: Perspectives from medium-sized cities of the Global South. Routledge. [Proposal considered by publisher and in preparation]

    • Working paper and conference proceeding:

    • Nugraha, E. (2018). Climate humans in the age of climate change. A compendium of Allianz Climate Risk Research Award – Weathering the storms: Fostering our understandig of climate-related risks and our capacity to respond. Allianz Climate Solutions: Munich.
    • Nugraha, E., Chairuddin, B., & Handayani, P. (2015) Private sectors engagement in climate change adaptation finance at national and local level in Indonesia: Case studies from Semarang, Probolinggo, and Tarakan City. Mercy Corps Indonesia: Jakarta.
    • Tyler, S., Nugraha, E., Nguyen, H.K., Nguyen, N.V., Sari, A.D., Thinpanga, P., Tran, T.T., Verma, S.S., Swanson, D., and Bizikova, L. (2014). Developing indicators of urban climate resilience. ISET Climate Resilience Working Paper 3. ISET: Boulder, Colorado.
    • Nugraha, E. (2013). City case study: Multi-stakeholders processes of vulnerability assessment and resilience strategies in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. Proceedings of the Resilient Cities 2013 Congress, [online] Available at:

Trainning and Development
    • November 2018 Utrecht Winter School on Earth System Governance, organised by Utrecht University, Netherlands
    • November 2012 Training Workshop on Urban Spatial Planning in Response to Climate Change in Asia, organised by National Taipei University (NTPU), Taiwan
    • July 2012 A Short Course on Urban Adaptation to Climate Change, organised by International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • September 2011 The International Training Course on Climate Change and Climate Risk Management in a Changing Urban Environment, organised by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), Bangkok, Thailand
    • October 2010 IAP International Conference on Southeast Asia Metropolises and Urbanization: Challenges and Tools in A Context of Climate Change, organised by Indonesian Association of Urban and Regional Planners (IAP), Jakarta, Indonesia
    • September 2010 SEI-UNISDR Asia Regional Writeshop to Support Developing Country Publications on Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change, organised by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), Bangkok, Thailand
    • August 2010 ITB-UNCRD Senior Policy Seminar on Climate Change and Poverty in Asia – Pacific, organised Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), Bandung, Indonesia
Research and Scholarship Grants
    • Nugraha E (Co-I). Research Grant: Sumatera Institute Technology Research Fund ‘Urban political ecology and disaster risk reduction in coastal villages in Bandar Lampung city, Indonesia’. 03/18; 8months.
    • Nugraha E (P.I.). Research Fund: Mercy Corps Indonesia ‘Private sectors engagement in climate change actions at national and local level in Indonesia’. 09/14; 5months.
    • Nugraha E. Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation (CMMF), Conference Attendance Award. 2018.
    • Nugraha E. Van Mildert College, Conference Attendance Award. 2017.
    • Nugraha E. Department of Geography, Conference Fund. 2017.
    • Nugraha E. Van Mildert College Postgraduate Award. 2016.
    • Nugraha E. CMMF Doctoral Scholarship. 2015. 3years
    • Nugraha E. Norman Richardson Postgraduate Research Fund. 2014. 2months
    • Nugraha E. Open Society Foundations Master Scholarship. 2013. 1year