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Dr. Fritz Nababan
Senior Research Fellow

Cluster : RUP


Research Interest

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Soil Improvement, Soil and Foundation Engineering, and Geotechnical Testing and Instrumentation.


Dr. Fritz Nababan is an engineer at Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory in Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia, and a member of Indonesian Society For Geotechnical Engineering – ISGE. He has 10 years experiences on infrastructure geotechnical designs, seismic analysis and soil structure analysis. He graduated from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts with his dissertation focusin on development. He received both his masters and bachelors degree in Geotechnical Engineering in Institute of Technology Bandung. . He is a Senior Fellow at Resilience Development Initiative (Research on disaster risk reduction and infrastructures).

Education Timeline

  • 2015 Doctor in Management

    Civil Engineering with emphasized on geotechnical earthquake engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

  • 2008 Masters in Geotechnical Engineering

    Civil Department Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

  • 1991-1996 Bachelor in Geotechnical Engineering

    Civil Department Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

Year Title

Geotechnical Design of Sheetpile Wall Repair for Water Gate at Sungai Asam, Jambi. The job including: retaining wall design using SSP, seepage analysis, and stability analysis using finite element analysis program PLAXIS.


Geotechnical Design of Retaining Wall (CCSP) for retention basin for Palembang Flood Control Project. The job including: design of retaining wall using CCSP, seepage analysis, and excavation and stability analysis using PLAXIS. Several alternatives were recommended for owner to choose.


Geotechnical Design of Bendung Sei Wampu, Langkat, Sumatera Utara, PT. Supra Harmonia Consultindo. The job including: foundation design of wier, retaining wall design, seepage analysis, and stability analysis.


Geotechnical Design of Flood Control Gate Building of Sungai Asam,Jambi, PT. Supra Harmonia Consultindo. The job including: foundation design of flood gate, retaining structure (SSP) of the water front.


Geotechnical design of Pumping Station in Pluit Area, PT. Asiana. The job including: foundation design of the Station and analysis of the uplift pressure due to high water table.


Review Seismic Design of Los Angles (LA) Metro Tunnel, including liquefaction analysis, site specific analysis, and review of FLAC and PLAXIS models.


Site specific and Soil Structure Interaction Analysis using FLAC for Goethals Bridge Design, New York, NYDOT.


Seismic Analysis of Anchored Bulkhead for Environmental Protection on the Hudson River, New York. Acting as an earthquake engineer in this project which is owned by British Petrolium (BP).


Geotechnical Engineer for Muara Tawar Gas Fired Plant Project, Extension 5, Analysis and design of Sheet pile wall and its support, PT. BBSI, Bekasi.


Detailed Engineering Design of Ground Treatment using Preloading and PVD for the New Medan Airport-Kuala Namu Project. Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia.


Geotechnical Earthquake Engineer for Seismic Hazard and Site specific Responses Analysis of BATAN Building – TRIGA 2000, Bandung, West Java.


Geotechnical Engineer for “Geotechnical survey and analysis for PLN Sub-sea Pipeline Route Plan”, PT. PLN Enjiniring, Jakarta.


Graduate Research Assistant (GSA) at Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

Academic Assistant (TA) at Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty (FTSL), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Research Assistant/ Geotechnical Engineer at Geotechnical Laboratory PRI-ITB, Bandung.

Research Assistant for Soil Mechanics Laboratory (FTSL-ITB) and Geotechnical Engineer for LAPI-ITB.

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