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Dr. Simon Putra


Senior Research Fellow


Regional & Urban Policy (RUP)



Dr. Simon Putra is a Senior Research Fellow in Resilience Development Initiative, Bandung.

Research Interest

Urban Planning & GIS.

Professional Experiences
Year Experience

Principal, Urban Planning & Design. Surbana Jurong (under PT. SMEC Denka Indonesia), Jakarta


Director, Developments. MPG Global, Dubai, UAE


Urban Planning & GIS Consultant. SP AUGIS, Jakarta, Indonesia


GIS & CAD Manager. Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Senior Urban Planner (Planning Lead). Jurong International (now part of Surbana Jurong), Singapore


Doctorate Researcher in GIS & Urban Planning. Singapore Millennium Foundation (sub of Temasek Holdings) & National University of Singapore


Visiting Lecturer in GIS and Remote Sensing (RS). Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands


Architect & Partner. Tripilars Cipta Mandiri Property Development, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Awards & Scholarships
    • 2001: Asia Pacific Leadership Program (offered, not taken) from East West Center and University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
    • Awarded ITC Distinction Award by ITC, the Netherlands, 2001
    • 2000: Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) Scholarship from NUFFIC, The Netherlands