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Dr. Nur Sabahiah Abdul Su
Senior Research Fellow

Cluster : RUP


Research Interest

Sustainable Transportation, Travel Behavior Analysis, Traffic Psychology, Road Safety.


Dr. Nur Sabahiah Binti Abdul Sukor is a senior researcher at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) focus on Regional & Urban Policy (RUP).

Education Timeline

  • 2011 Doctor of Philosophy (Eng)

    Kyoto University, Japan.

  • 2005 Master of Engineering

    Civil Highway and Transportation, University Technology Malaysia (UTM).

  • 2002 Bachelor of Engineering

    Civil and Environmental Engineering, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Working Experiences Timeline

  • 2012 Appointed as Lecturer (DS51)

    School of Civil Engineering, USM.

  • 2012 Report to Duty at USM

    School of Civil Engineering, USM.

  • 2011 Appointed as Senior Lecturer (DS52)

    Faculty of Civil and Envionmental Engineering, UTHM.

  • 2007 - 2011 Full Time PhD Student

    Study Leave (PhD, Travel Behavior Analysis, Kyoto University, Japan).

  • 2012 Interim Regional DRM Manager for Asia Region

    Plan Asia Regional Office.

  • 2007 KUiTTHO upgraded to UTHM – Lecturer (DS45)

    Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UTHM.

  • 2006 Confirmed Position in Service – Lecturer (DS45)

    Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KUiTTHO.

  • 2005 Appointed as Lecturer (DS45)

    Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KUiTTHO.

  • 2003 - 2005 Full Time Master Student

    Study Leave (Sarjana Kejuruteraan Awam Pengangkutan, UTM).

  • 2003 Tutor (DS41)

    Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KUiTTHO.

  • 2003 Research Assistant

    Road Safety Research Center, UPM.

  • Reference group member for the research on “Advancing Formal Learning on DRR - how do development agencies add value” as part of the research contributing to the Global Assessment Report (GAR 15) – Hyogo Framework for Action Thematic review, conducted by Kagawa, F. and Selby, D (2014 -ongoing). Responsibilities include: reviewing research TOR and frameworks; provide inputs on data collection instruments and methodology, including: snowball sampling, semi-structured interviews, an online questionnaire, and Delphi forecasting; and reviewing draft research reports and papers.
  • Lead project manager in the research on “ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative Phase 1: Progress of Nine ASEAN Member States and recommendations from stakeholders” (2013), Plan International, Jakarta. Responsibilities include: Lead in the development of the research design and framework; management of implementing partners (including a technical reference group) for data gathering through consultations in nine countries and at one regional level; organization of workshops and preparation of consultation guidelines and TOR; literature reviews from country level reports; consolidation and analysis of the data gathered; and co-author of the final research report.
  • Lead project manager in the production of “Early Childhood Care and Development in Emergencies: A Programme Guide”, (2013), Plan International, Woking. Responsibilities included: Lead in managing the project; commissioning and supervising the technical writing consultant; liaising with the field offices to arrange interviews; field data gathering and validation; locating and providing grey literature and internal documents; leading the reference group which included Plan staff and a number of personnel from external agencies (e.g. Unicef) in order to ensure high quality peer review; and chief responsibility for reviewing draft and final reports of the program guide.
  • Local research assistant and resource person for research on “Enhancing Child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction for Safe Schools: Insights from Cambodia, China and Indonesia” by Kagawa, F., Selby, D., (2013), Plan International, Bangkok. Responsibilities included: Member of the research reference group; supporting the lead researchers through the organization and completion of interviews and data collection; reviewing the research TOR, framework and guiding questions; reviewing the final research report.
  • Local research assistant and resource person for research on “Child centred disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: roles of gender and culture in Indonesia” by Haynes, K., Lassa, J., Towers, B. (2010), Institute of Development Studies and Children in a Changing Climate, Sussex. Responsibilities included: supporting action research methods, arranging and facilitating Focus Group Discussions and semi-structured interviews (including guiding questions for the interviews) with children, adults and also government stakeholders at national and field level; supporting logistics, translation and documentation; providing relevant literature and internal grey documents; reviewing draft and final reports and also academic publications.
  • Co-author for “Child-Centered DRR Toolkit” (2010), Plan International, Woking, based on the experiences implementing child and youth sensitive programming at field and country level in Plan Indonesia.
  • Resource person for “Evaluation of Sida’s Humanitarian Assistance, Case Study Report Indonesia” by Mowjee, T., Keylock, J., UTV Working Paper Series, SIDA, Stockholm, providing sharing of learning from West Sumatera Earthquake Response experiences on transitional housing and child friendly spaces interventions.
  • Resource person for master thesis on “Donor support for education in emergencies in the Consolidated Appeals Process: an analysis of current policy and practice” by Campbell, Leah, (2009), Uppsala Universitet, Sweden, providing insights and learning on practices and experiences from humanitarian work on education in emergencies in Indonesia.
  • Resource person for PhD thesis on “Navigating Holistic and Sustainable Learning: Challenges and Opportunities in Ongoing and Creeping Emergencies” by Kagawa, Fumiyo, (2009), University of Plymouth, UK, providing insights and learning on involving children at the center of disaster risk reduction efforts in Indonesia based on experiences in urban and rural areas of Indonesia.
  • Lead writer for “Disaster Response in Early Childhood Care and Development Program” by Andina, S., Amri, A. (2009), Plan International, Jakarta.
  • Writer and editor for “Manual for Building Temporary Classrooms from Bamboo Construction Material and Tarp Roof” by Suranto, B., Amri, A. (2009), Plan International, Jakarta.
  • Author of one chapter on Risk Assessment for “Community Based Disaster Risk Management, Living Guide Book” by Lassa, J. et al, (2009), Indonesian Disaster Management Society (MPBI), Jakarta.

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  • Nur Sabahiah Bt Abdul Sukor, SItti Asmah Bt Hassan and Munzilah bt Md. Rohani. Mobility of the elderly at rural area Factors affecting the activity trips and mode choice. Conference for Civil Engineering Research Networks 2014 and 7th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference (ACEC) Under AUN/SSED-Net, 4-5 November 2014, Campus ITB- Bandung.
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  • Thoo Hon Kent and Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor. Understanding the university students’ travel patterns: the potential of travel diary survey. Malaysian Universities Transport Research Forum Conference 2013, 23-24 December 2013, Bangi, Malaysia.
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  • Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor and Mohd Ezree Abdullah. Why Motorcyclist Neglect Helmet? A Study from Psychological Perspectives. Proceeding of International Transport Research Conference. ( April, 2011)
  • Nur Sabahiah Abd Sukor and Satoshi Fujii. Impact of Various Types of Motorcycle Lanes on Motorcyclists' Risky Behavior and Psychology, Paper #11-1168, TRB 90th Annual Meeting (January, 2011)
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  • Nur Sabahiah Abd Sukor and Satoshi Fujii, The Effect of Psychological Determinants to Motorcyclists’ Risky Behaviors. Twelfth International Summer Symposium, Japanese Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE). (September, 2010) Latest update : November 2014
  • Nur Sabahiah Abd Sukor and Mohd Rosli Hainin, Evaluation of Laboratory Compactive Effort on Durability of HMA. 12th Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA), Philipines ( 2006)
  • Nur Sabahiah Abd Sukor and Mohd Rosli Hainin, Evaluation of Laboratory Compactive Effort on Durability of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture. National Seminar in Civil Engineering Conference (NASCEC), 2006


Fellow Member of Infrastructure and Urban Governance, Resilience Development Initaitive (RDI), Bandung, Indonesia.

Moderator for Technical Session for Transportation Engineering Research Group, Conference for Civil Engineering Research Networks 2014 and 7th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference (ACEC) Under AUN/SSED-Net.

Tactical Member of Road Safety, Penang. Organizer: Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Facilitator for ‘Bengkel Pembentukan STrategi Keselamatan Jalan Raya di Pulau Pinang.’ Organizer : MMK Kerajaan Tempatan, Pulau Pinang (4-6th April 2014).

Representative for ‘Bengkel Kajian Semula Peraturan Penggunaan Cermin Gelap Bagi Kenderaan.’ Organizer : MOT (2nd -3rd Jun 2014).

Facilitator for ‘Makmal Pembentukan Dasar Penguatkuasaan JPJ Malaysia’. (28th to 30th June 2013).

Facilitator for Outcome Based Education Seminar at School of Mathematical Sciences, USM (18th July 2012).


Analysis of pedestrian speed-flow relationship based on different egress facilities criteria for pedestrians evacuation in underground space environment.

Reducing Individual Carbon Footprint Using Travel Behaviour Modification Technique For Sustainable Transportation In Penang.

A Study on Passengers' Accessibility to Electric Train System (ETS) Station and the Factors That Affecting Their Mode Choice Preferences.

Elderly people in rural Malaysia: private vehicle dependency, traffic causality risk and its propensity to use public transport.

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