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Dr. Saut Sagala


Senior Research Fellow


Disaster & Climate Resilience (DCR)



Dr. Saut Sagala is an assistant professor at School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia. Saut has conducted intensive research and consultancy experiences on spatial planning, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation. He recently develops further interests on cultural heritage & tourism, renewable energy policy and microinsurance. He is an Editorial Board Member of ASEAN Engineering Journal (member list) and an advisory board for Journal of Forum Geografi. Previously he assumed a position as a managing editor of Journal of Regional and City Planning of ITB (2010-2012). He also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at Resilience Development Initiative (resilience research center) and an adviser for Bandung Disaster Study Group, empowering university students to conduct disaster education for children and youth in West Java. Saut is a researcher at Research Center for Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change Center, both at Institute of Technology Bandung. Most recently, Saut has been selected as a PARR (Pan Asia Risk Reduction) Fellow (July 2014 - Jan 2015) by START Washington. In this fellowship, he is affiliated with Manila Observatory, the Philippines.

Research Interest

Spatial planning, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, cultural, heritage & tourism, renewable energy policy and microinsurance.

Year Experience

Doctor of Philosophy, in Disaster Management, Kyoto University, Japan.


Master, Thesis in GIS applications and Disaster Management, ITC Twente University, Netherlands.


Bachelor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

Consultant Experiences
    • 2018
      • SNV, Team Leader, Consultant for Climate & Vulnerabiltiy Resilience in WASH. Locations: Bandar Lampung City, Metro City, Tasikmalaya City.
      • Rutgers WPF, Team Leader, Midterm Review of Prevention+ Programme.
      • UNDP SCDRR II, Consultant of Final Evaluation.
      • Plan, Team Leader, Asean Safe School Initiative (ASSI) Reporting Mechanisms.
      • Amcross, Consultant, Mid Term Review of Disaster Management Logistic.
      • IFRC, Consultant, Lobby & Advocacy of Integration Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Spatial Planning.

    • 2017
      • Oxfam GB, Consultant of Mid Term Review - Civil Society Organization and Local Authority (CSO LA) Project. CSO-LA project focuses to enhance CSO role in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on Goals 1 (no poverty), 5 (gender equality), and 10 (reduced inequalities. Field visit locations: Pangkejene Kepulauan District and Dompu District.
      • IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross), Policy Analysis Expert, Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, Development Planning and Spatial Planning, collaboration with Bappenas, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Spatial Planning and Agrarian, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, BNPB.
      • Save the Children, Lead Consultant, Pidie Jaya - Aceh Earthquake Emergency Response Final Evaluation. Focusing on Child Education and Child Protection in Emergency. Interviews to beneficiaries in many schools receiving the assistance (teachers, children, parents), government agencies, NGOs and STC Staffs.
      • BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), Spatial Planning Expert, Geo-Risk Sensitive Spatial Planning. Tasks: conducting Pilot Training for Trainers on Geo-Sensitive Spatial Planning. Prepare and lead Smart City excursion to Singapore to groups of Geology Training Center and Geology Agency of Indonesia.
      • Food, Agriculture, Organization (FAO), Reviewer/Advisor on Evaluation of Post Disaster Recovery in Mt. Sinabung and Mt. Kelud Volcanoes. Resilience Development Initiative (RDI).
      • Plan International, Reviewer/Advisor, Mid-term Review of Safe School Project in Soe, NTT.
      • Wahana Visi Indonesia (World Vision), Team Lead, Policy Analysis of Forest Fire Impact to Children, Locations: South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Resilience Development Initiative (RDI).
      • Bappenas, JFP Training, Geological Aspects in Spatial Planning.

    • 2016
      • World Bank, Consultant, Editor for Urban Resilience Concept Technical Note.
      • Oxfam GB, Team Leader, Mid-Term Review of Indonesia Disaster Project. Three components are covered: EPR (Emergency Preparedness and Response), BDR (Building Disaster Resilience) and Advocacy.
      • Save the Children, Team Leader, Rapid Risk Assessment on Community Based Mechanism in integrating Child and Family Resilience with Social Protection in every Humanitarian Action in Cianjur District, West Java (with Resilience Development Initiative).
      • Bulungan District, Consultant, Review of District Spatial Planning in Bulungan District, North Kalimantan, with Regional and Rural Planning Research Group.
      • BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), Spatial Planning Expert, Geo-Risk Sensitive Spatial Planning. Conducting trainings: (1). Introduction to Spatial Planning, (2). Participatory in Spatial Planning, (3). Smart City in Urban Planning. Prepared Curricula analysis, Module preparation and teaching materials.
      • Save the Children, Senior Consultant, El Nino Emergency Response Final Evaluation, in West Sumba and Belu Districts, NTT Province.
      • Editor, West Java Creative Research Journal.
      • West Java Province, Resource Person, Detailed Spatial Planning and Disaster Risk Management Issues, West Java Province.
      • West Java Province, Resource Person, Spatial Planning and Disaster Risk Management Issues, West Java Province.
      • Kuningan District, Resource Person, Comments on Facts and Analysis of Spatial Planning on District Level, Kuningan District, West Java.
      • University of Hawaii Training, Resource Person, Framework of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Indonesia, Climate Change Center ITB & University of Hawaii.
      • Asian Development Bank, Resource Person, Climate Portal in Indonesia. With Climate Change Center, Institute of Technology Bandung.
      • Bandung District, Resource Person, Theory and Practical Issues for Spatial Planning, Bandung District, West Java.
      • Mercy Corps Indonesia, Resource Person, Mainstreaming Climate Change impact to Dengue Fever in Semarang, Indonesia.

    • 2015
      • BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), Spatial Planning Expert, Geo-Risk Sensitive Spatial Planning.
      • IOM International Organization for Migration, Indonesia, Consultant, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Management Guideline. At this mission, I work closely with Internally Displaced Persons of National Disaster Management Agency (Direktorat Pengungsian, BNPB).
        • Tasks: (1). Development of Academic Paper to Support Guideline. (2). Development of IDP Guideline (3). Development of Standard Operating Procedure for Camp Coordination / Camp Management.
      • Plan International Indonesia, Mid Term Review Country Strategic Plan, Lead Consultant.
        • Main Tasks: (1). Review APPR & Country Strategic Plan, (2). Risk Assessment of Program Unit Area Changes, (3). Child Right Situation Analysis.
      • Oxfam & ASEAN Secretariat, Consultant, Scoping Study and Developing Guideline of Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction / Climate Change Adaptation.
        • Location: ASEAN Countries. Visited Countries include: Indonesia, Cambodia and Lao PDR.
        • Main Tasks: (1).Collect secondary data on CBDRM/CBCCA Practices in ASEAN countries. (2). Develop common guidelines for ASEAN.

    • 2014
      • Save the Children, Lead Consultant, Situational Analysis of Disaster and Climate Change Risks Impact to Children in West Java, Resilience Development Initiative, Bandung.
        • Field Location: West Java Prov, Kab. Garut, Kab. Bandung, Kota Bandung.
        • Main Tasks: (1). Lead team to collect secondary data on disasters and climate change of West Java. (2). Lead team to collect data by interviews to Provincial Government Departments, Local Government Departments, focus group discussions to community, focus group discussions to people.(3) Identify needs, problems and challenges of disaster and climate change impacts to children. (4). Propose sets of recommendation for Save the Children Programs.
      • JICA, Consultant, Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation to Spatial Plan. Tasks on vulnerability, policy and guidance. Climate Change Center ITB.
        • Field Location: Kab. Wonogiri, Kab. Bojonegoro, Kota Bojonegoro, Kota Cirebon, Maminasata National Strategic Region, East Java Province, Kab. Selayar Island, Kota Makassar
        • Main Tasks: (1). to develop methods for climate vulnerability assessment and integration with spatial planning from national, island, region, province and city/district level. (2). to propose policy recommendation based on risk analysis of baseline and climate projection, (3). to develop guidelines for integration of climate change to spatial planning.
      • Mercy Corps, Consultant for Mainstreaming Dengue Fever Risk Management, Health Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment of Dengue Fever in Semarang City, Climate Change Center ITB.
        • Main tasks: (1). to carry out policy analysis of previous health department budget, implementation and policies on dengue fever. (2). to propose set of policy recommendation on reducing dengue fever. (3) to propose responsible stakeholders, coordination and collaboration among stakeholders.
      • Municipality of Tanjung Pinang, Consultant, Local Action Development Planning, Regional and Rural Planning Group ITB.
        • Main tasks: (1). to carry out analysis on physical infrastructure, environment and disasters. (2). to propose recommendation for development action plan supporting local development plan (RPJMD).
      • Bappenas, Trainer for Post Disaster Recovery Need Assessment, Development of Disaster Management Plan, Rapid Assessment. Disaster Management Training.
        • Main tasks: (1). to deliver training to local governments on disaster risk management, community based risk management and post disaster recovery. (2). develop training materials.
      • Bappeda West Java, Resource Person (Expert), Responsibility on Environmental Analysis of West Java Metropolitan Urban Development. Field Location Bodebek Karpur (Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Karawang Purwakarta).

    • 2013
      • UNDP, Lead Consultant, Mid-term Review of Enhancing Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction (EPDRR), Safer Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction Phase II.
        • Main tasks: (1). interviews with key beneficiaries of EPDRR Project. (2). Provides mid-term review of the project related to it's relevance, effectiveness and efficiency (3). Proposes recommendation to enhance the delivery and completion of EPDRR.
      • Oxfam, Resource Person, Final Presentation and Socialization of Building and Deepening Resilience in Eastern Indonesia Project, 4 December 2013, Jakarta.
      • JICA, Resource Person, Panelist for Local Disaster Manament - Japan Indonesia Cooperation, organized by JICA, Jakarta, Indonesia.
      • MunichRe Foundation: Rapporteur for 9th Micro Insurance International Conference, 12-14 November 2013 - Jakarta, Indonesia.
      • World Bank: Lead Consultant for Development of Disaster and Climate Risk Profile, Metropolitan Urban Development Programme, World Bank. in Metropolitan Cities of Indonesia.
        • Field Location Cities: Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Makassar, Semarang and Denpasar.
        • Main Tasks: (1). to identify key hazards and vulnerability and it's drivers (2). to identify spatial risk analysis (3). to conduct focus group discussions for data collection and sharing preliminary results (4). to develop key recommendations for urban resilience inline with the concept developed by Bappenas on National Urban Development Strategy.
      • Indonesian Red Cross: Consultant for Analysis of Participatory Climate Vulnerability in Jakarta, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), TL: Dr. Armi Susandi.
      • Municipality of Sungai Penuh: Consultant for Feasibility Study of Flood Mitigation in Sungai Penuh District, Kerinci, Jambi, TL: Dr. Iwan Kustiwan.
      • Ministry of Public Work: resource person for disaster management-based spatial planning guidelines. Jakarta (March 2013).
      • Bappenas (National Planning Agency): Disaster management training for national search and rescue agency (September 2013).
      • Institute of Technology Bandung: organizer of 2nd Planocosmo International Conference on Urban and Regional Planning. Topics on infrastructure financing and investment. Bandung 21-22 October 2013.

Research Experiences
    • 2018
      • Co Investigator, Bandung Seismic City Project. Collaboration with Coventry University (UK). PI: Dr. Gavin Sullivan. Resilience Development Initiative.
      • Team Member, Creating Resilient Sustainable Microgrids through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, Global Challenge Research Funds, Leeds University, Resilience Development Initiative. PI: Prof. Jon Lovett.
      • Principal Investigator, Increassing Livelihood Opportunity of Community in Rural Area through Renewable Energy Development, Asahi Glass ITB (2018).

    • 2017
      • Co Investigator, Microinsurance for Disaster Risk Reduction, Case Study of Indramayu. Funding: DIKTI. PI: Dr. Teti Armiati Argo.
      • Co Investigator, Mt. Batur Geopark Impact to Socio Economy. PI: Prof. Arief Rosyidie. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Indonesia Smart Card (Kartu Indonesia Pintar) and Disaster Risk Reduction. PI: Dr. Djoko Suroso Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Community Service Related to Geopark in Sukabumi, West Java. Funding ITB Research Grant. PI: Prof. Arief Rosyidie.
      • Co-Investigator, Community Service Related to Flood Early Warning System in Bandung City & West Java Governments. PI: Dr. Djoko Suroso.

    • 2016
      • Principal Investigator, Increasing Energy Security through Institution Adaptive Capacity, Case Study: Palembang City Indonesia, Funding: Asahi Glass.
      • Co Investigator, Economics of Disaster in Decentralized Indonesia. PI: Dr. Adiwan Fahlan. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Impacts of Climate Change to Children with Case Studies in West Java. PI: Dr. Djoko Suroso Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Environmental Management with Rural Biogas Case Study of Lembang, PI: Deni Nugraha. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co-Investigator, The role of culture in facilitating disaster-resilient communities: A mixed-method investigation of the community surrounding Mount Sinabung, Indonesia, PI: Dr. Gavin Sullivan, Coventry University. PUMP-PRIME RESEARCH GRANT SCHEME 2015-16, Coventry University.

    • 2015
      • Co Investigator, Conceptual Development of Natural and Climate Change Impact to Build Community Resilience in Indonesia, PI: Dr. Herryal Anwar. Funding Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) Excellent Competitive Grant (Riset Unggulan LIPI).
      • Co Investigator, Assessing Economic Potential of Biogas for Rural Development in Selo, Boyolali, Central Java. PI: Deny Nugraha. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Vulnerability of Community to Water Resources in Semarang on Climate Change Related Factors, PI: Nurrochman Wijaya. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Economic Resilience of Tourism Sector in Disaster Prone Area, Case Study of Cipanas Tourism, Mt. Guntur, Garut, West Java. PI: Dr. Alhilal Furqan. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co Investigator, Community Service to Flood Prone Community in Baleendah, Bandung District, West Java. PI: Dr. Djoko Suroso. Funding ITB Research Grant.

    • 2014
      • Principal Investigator, Sustainable Dam Development Model to Reduce Flood Events in Urban Area of Palembang. (Model Penyediaan Waduk Retensi yang Berkelanjutan untuk Mengatasi Bencana Banjir di Kawasan Rawa (Studi Kasus di Perkotaan Palembang). Funding JICA Green Infrastructure Project.
      • Co-Investigator, Local Community Empowerment in Disaster Mitigation with Micro Insurance (Pemberdayaan masyarakat lokal dalam mitigasi bencana dengan asuransi mikro) (studi kasus : Masyarakat Nelayan Desa Eretan Wetan, Indramayu) PI, Dr. Teti Armiati Argo. Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Co-Investigator: Strengthening Communication for Community Preparedness on Flood Threat at Citarum River Basin. (Penguatan komunikasi kesiapsiagaan masyarakat terhadap ancaman bencana banjir di DAS Citarum), PI: Dr. Arief Rosyidie. Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Co-Investigator: Mainstreaming Disaster Preparedness Content on Village Development Process (Pengarusutaman Komponen Kesiapsiagaan Bencana dalam Proses Pembangunan Desa Sukamanah, Kecamatan Pangalengan), PI: Dr. Tubagus Furqon Sofhani. Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Co-Investigator: Formulation of Community Adaptive Capacity Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Semarang. (Perumusan Kerangka Kapasitas Adaptif Masyarakat terhadap Perubahan Iklim di Kawasan Pesisir Kota Semarang), PI: Dr. Djoko Suroso. Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Principal Investigator, Spatial Model of Wetlands Change and Increasing of Flood Events in Urban Area of Palembang. (Model Spasial Perubahan Alih Fungsi Lahan Basah dan Peningkatan Kejadian Bencana Banjir di Wilayah Perkotaan Palembang), Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co-Investigator, Assessment of Community Understanding on Tsunami Evacuation Plan in Sanur, Denpasar (Penilaian Pemahaman Masyarakat terhadap Rencana Evakuasi Tsunami di Sanur), PI: Dr. Puspita Dirgahayani, Funding ITB Research Grant.
      • Co-Investigator, Local Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction (Kearifan Lokal Dalam Pengurangan Risiko Bencana, studi kasus Gempa Bumi Sumatera Barat dan Jawa Barat serta Erupsi Gunung Merapi Yogyakarta). PI: Dr. Tubagus Furqon Sofhani, Funding ITB Research Grant.

    • 2013
      • Principal Investigator, Disaster Education to Community prone to Earthquake due to Lembang Fault, West Java, Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Co-Investigator, Improvement of Knowledge on Management and Community Capacity Building among Landless Farmers, PI: Rintakasari Vitri, MT, Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Co-Investigator, Environmental Management by Collaborative Approach on Coastal Community Affected by Tidal Flood and Environmental Polution in Eretan Wetan, Indramayu, PI: Dr. Teti Armiati Argo, Funding ITB Community Service Grant.
      • Principal Investigator, Risk Perception of Communities on Potential Earthquake Disaster induced by Lembang Fault, West Java, Funding Source: Innovation Research of Institute of Technology Bandung.
      • Principal Investigator, Development of Community Social and Economic Recovery in Post Eruption of Mt. Merapi, National Strategic, Ministry of National Education (DIKTI).
      • Co-Investigator, Fishermen Adaptation to Climate Change Impact in Indramayu District: the use of informationtechnology, ITB Research Grant, PI: Dr. Teti Armiati Argo.
      • Co-Investigator, The roles of networks and social interaction among actors in tourism development at disaster prone area, Case Study of Mt. Merapi, Yogyakarta, Funding Source: Capacity Development Research Grant, ITB. PI: Adenantera, MComDev.
      • Co-Investigator, Social Capital Roles in Post-Earthquake Social Recovery: Case Study of Pangalengan, Bandung District, Funding Source: ITB Research Grant, PI: Dr. Tubagus Furqon.
      • Co-Investigator, Vulnerability of landless Farmers, Case Study of West Bandung District, Funding Source: Capacity Development Research Grant, ITB. PI: Rintakasari Vitri, MT.

Advanced Courses / Summer Institutes / Workshop
Year Experience

Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage in Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan


Pan Asia Risk Reduction Fellow (2014), Manila, Philippines


Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation in University of Twente, The Netherlands


Micro Insurance, Munich-Re Foundation, Jakarta


Disaster Recovery and Humanitarian Assistance in Honolulu, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States


Disaster Governance in National University of Singapore, Singapore


Climate Change Adaptation, Risk Management, Beijing Normal University, China


Climate Change Adaptation, Risk Management, Beijing Normal University, China


Social Vulnerability and Megacities: UNU-EHS & Munich Re, Munich, Germany


Disaster Risk Management, ITC-U.Twente

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