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Yusra Tebe


Research Fellow


Children & Socila Welfare (CSWH)



  • Have experience in developing module, survey tool, baseline survey, and monitoring evaluation on disaster risk management, specifically on disaster risk reduction, safe school and emergency response
  • Extensive knowledge on concept & implementing School and community based disaster risk reduction (DRR) in rural dan urban setting
  • Extensive knowledge on concept & implementing in Emergency Response Management, Education in Emergency, Project Cycle, and Planning
  • Have expertise in emergency response operation, has get involved in several operation in different area (Aceh, Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Java, West Sumatera, North Sumatera, East Nusa Tenggara/NTT, Jakarta), with different type of disaster (Tsunami, Earthquake, floods, flashflood and volcano eruption)
  • Have good experiences in managing Inter-Agencies, and cluster in emergency response
  • Have been working to support Plan International Timor Leste, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines in collaboration with Plan International Asia regional office in Bangkok
  • Have good relationship with National Government and local government in different province and district in Indonesia.
  • Have experience working with cluster system especially education cluster in Timor Leste & Indonesia
  • A good team player and able to work under pressure with minimum supervision

Research Interest

Children and Urban Management.

Year Experience

Master of Arts, at Human Right and Democracy Studies in Southeast Asia program, (Social & Political Science Faculty). Gadjah Mada University


Janabadra University Yogyakarta, Under graduate at Faculty Of Law

Working Experiences
Year Experience
2016 - now

Provide Technical support for MoEC’s National Secretariat for Safe School on developing policies, regulation, module and or tools related to Safe School implementation. UNICEF – National Safe School Consultant


Consultancy: Module Development for Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR). ADRA Indonesia


Consultancy: Developing module and deliver the safe school Training. Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI)


Consultancy: Developing Regional Reporting Mechanism for ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative. ASEAN Safe school initiative (ASSI)


Consultancy: Baseline Study of School- Based Disaster Preparedness Capacity in West Java. Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik (YSTC)- Save The Children


Consultancy: baseline study for “Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures (DREAM)” project. CWS Indonesia


Desk review, developing data collection tools, qualitative data analysis and reporting. CWS – Baseline consultant

2013 - 2016

Support and provide technical assistance on Urban Safe School Project to implementing partners. Plan International-Indonesia. Urban Safe School Coordinator

2013 - 2016

Responsible to ensure the quality of safe school component undertaken to the overall implementation. Plan International-Indonesia. Urban Safe School Coordinator

2013 - 2016

Support in monitoring and evaluation in coordination with DRM Data Management and Partnership Coordinator and PME Unit at CO level. Plan International-Indonesia. Urban Safe School Coordinator

2013 - 2016

Represent Plan Indonesia in any national meeting relate with safe school initiative as well as in network meetings. Plan International-Indonesia. Urban Safe School Coordinator


Plan International-Indonesia. As Emergency Response specialist (dual Role).


Plan International Timor Leste. As Secondment for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Unit Capacity Building

2006 - 2011

KYPA, Program Director


CESSASS ( Center For Southeast Asian Social Studies). As. Knowledge Management Staff

2006 - 2011

KCDRI (KYPA-CRCS UGM Disaster Relief Initiative). As Program Director for AusAid/RHK Project post Eartquake

2006 - 2011

KYPA. As Emergency Response Team Leader

    • Safe School module, Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and Unicef:
    • Technical guideline on safe school, Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and Unicef:
    • Baseline report “School-Based Disaster Preparedness Capacity in West Java”, Yayayan Sayangai Tunas Cilik (YSTC)-Save The Children, 2018
    • Baseline Report “Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures” in Tana Toraja District, South Sulawesi, CWS Indonesia, 2018
    • Final Evaluation Study for Rural Safe School Initiative, Plan International Indonesia, 2018
    • Study for; Mid-term Review of Right in Crisis Program (RiC), Oxfam, 2017
    • Baseline study “Strengthening Preparedness for Effective Response to Disaster”, in North Toraja district, South Sulawesi & Timor Tengah Selatan District, East Nusa Tenggara, CWS, 2016
    • Disaster Resilience Education “Establishing all education unit to be safe school from disaster in Indonesia”,, Minister of Education and Culture, National Disaster Management Agency, Unicef ,, 2017
    • 10th years tsunami Aceh“Raise from zero”, 2014, published by. Pusat Data & Analisa TEMPO & National disaster Management agency (BNPB), with support from various non government agencies.
    • Safe school in Rural & Urban Area “Experience in implementing the program of Plan Indonesia”, 2014, by.Plan Indonesia
    • Child Protection in Emergency Situation “After Merapi Eruption 2013”. Master thesis for Gadjah Mada University (UGM), 2013
    • How We Adapt To climate Change “Learning from Kefamenanu & Lembata”, Plan Indonesia.
    • Final harmonization of Book: Characteristic of Disaster Resilient Community “A Guide note version 2, 2009 version” by John Twigg, to bahasa Indonesia. Publish by Plan Indonesia & Oxfam in Indonesia on march 2012.
    • Contributor on revision of the guideline for the teacher “Pre School disaster risk reduction”. Revision and field testing by KYPA. Published by Plan Indonesia and directorate of general Pre-school , Ministry of Education Indonesia, 2011
    • Reviewer Contributor on book photo feature stories “It Will Be Morning Soon” Mentawai People, Holding Out in Spite of Challenges. Publisheb by. Plan Indonesia, 2011
    • Intergration Module and guideline for disaster risk reducation and climate change in making study implementation plan, for elementary school, grade IV-V
Trainings, Seminars and Workshops
    • Kuala Lumpur, 2018 Presenting; Predikt Road show to Malaysia
    • Bangkok, 2018 Presenting; Predikt Road show to Thailand
    • Bangkok, 2017 ASEAN Safe school initiative conference
    • Bangkok, 2013 Asia Regional Safe school training, Plan Regional Office
    • Bangkok, 2013 Asia Regional DRR Practitioner Workshop
    • Bali, 2013 Monitoring and Evaluation training, Plan Indonesia, with trainer: Dr. Lesley Williams – IMA International Associate and Senior M&E Expert)
    • Jakarta, 2012 Gender Equality Training for Plan Indonesia Country office staf, Plan Indonesa
    • Jakarta, 2012 Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) Training, Plan Indonesia. With trainer: Sandy Fortuna (CCCD Program Specialist Of Plan International Regional Asia Office)
    • 2012 E-Training “Basic Security in The Field II”, United Nation Department of Safety and Security
    • 2012 E-learning course on Education in Emergency, International Headquarter of Plan International UK
    • Bogor, 2012 Training of trainer Frontline responding in Education in Emergency, Unicef & Save The Children
    • Bandung, 2012 Training of Trainer for Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergency (INEE)
    • Jakarta, 2012 Training on disability inclusion in Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Plan Australia National Office & CBM-Nossal Partnership for Disability Inclusive Development
    • Jakarta, 2012 Workshop with The Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA), on Humanitarian staff Development program learning review, Oxfam and ECB
    • Jakarta, 2012 Workshop; National Inter cluster & GoI simulation Exercise and “Earthquake and Flood”, United Nation- World Food Program
    • Bali 2011 National Communications Training, Creative photography & Writing for Plan Indonesia staff, Plan Indonesia.
    • Yogoyakarta, 2009 TAcademic Writing Skills Workshop. At First International Graduate Student Conference with theme; “(Re) Considering Contemporary Indonesia: Striving towards Democracy, Sustainability, and Prosperity”, Gadjah Mada University (UGM)
    • Yogyakarta, 2009 Academic Social Writing Training, Master Program Human Right and Democracy Studies in Southeast Asia. Gadjah Mada University (UGM)
    • Yogyakarta, 2008 Social Writing Training, KYPA & CRCS UGM
    • Magelang, 2008 Emergency Response Management Training, CWS Indonesia & ACT International
    • Solo, 2007 Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation Training, CWS Indonesia & ACT International
    • Magelang, 2007 Project Design Training, CWS & ACT International, YIS
    • Yogyakarta, 2007 Social Justice Course, Centre of Pancasila Study UGM, IRE, PI.
    • Finalist of Plan Global Award 2011, as one of members from DRM Unit Plan Indonesia, with category “Team of the Year”
    • Finalist of Plan Global Award 2012, as one of staff that has initiate on; Shared commitment on Community Child Centred Development (CCCD) between Plan Indonesia & Plan Timor Leste, with category “One Plan”.
    • Finalist of Plan Global award 2015, as one of members from DRM unit Plan Indonesia, with category “Inovative use technology or social media” for online safe school games