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Resilience Development Initiative sets a vision to be a leading institute in research on sustainable development and resilience studies. Together with many prominent academic and professional fellows coming from different backgrounds and specialties across the nation and the world, Resilience Development Initiative has built a strong community of resilience research which intends to contribute on enriching the body of knowledge on sustainable development studies.


  • Guaranteed full access to Resilience Development Initiative's research database
  • Have the privilege to propose and conduct research according to the scope of research Resilience Development Initiative is concerned with
  • Stay informed about resilience studies conducted at Resilience Development Initiative
  • Get open access to the network of researchers and other notable members of researchers at Resilience Development Initiative

  • Involved as a main author or coauthor regarding respected fields in at least 1 (one) academic article publication of Resilience Development Initiative every year
  • Review at least 1 (one) edition of working paper of Resilience Development Initiative every year

Application for Fellowship is open to anyone, based in Indonesia or overseas who can demonstrate:
  • An academic background in resilience study (or allied subject), or
  • A sufficient involvement in resilience studies or allied subject through training, professional work, research, publication or other work of a similar nature not less than five years

For applicants, you are expected to prepare the documents below:
  • One Page of Personal Statement (describe your education, practical/research experience related to this research, your expectation after joining this Fellowship Program, etc.)
  • One Page of Experience Statement related to Indonesia (i.e. Have you traveled to Indonesia? Do you have any Indonesian connection? What do you know about current Indonesia resilience development problems? etc.)
  • A scientific writing sample (it could be any of your previous published or non-published papers)
  • Curriculum Vitae

For a complete list of our fellows, please visit our fellows page. Please send all required documents as an email attachment to our official email address with subject [RDI Fellowship - 'Your Name'] and cc to


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