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Internships at Resilience Development Initiative will give you the opportunity to learn and grow within the field of resilience development studies. This program facilitates young researchers to conduct independent or collaborative research. Interns at Resilience Development Initiative will be exposed to many prominent research studies ranging from the national to the international scale.

As an intern you will receive a number of benefits including:
  • Open access to Resilience Development Initiative’s research database
  • The privilege to propose research ideas according to the scope of research Resilience Development Initiative is concerned with
  • Open access to the network of researchers and other notable members of researchers at Resilience Development Initiative


Resilience Development Initiative does not provide funding for the internship program. Applicants are expected to find their own source of funding for the travel and accommodation during the internship program. However RDI will provide additional support, such as: office space, training, involvement in invited lectures, administrative support, Visa support (for international applicants), and research equipment.

Furthermore, RDI has hosted a number of interns from many institutions, such as:

For further information, you can email our contact person for RDI’s Internship Program :
Muhammad Adryan Sasongko | E-mail:
Currents and previous list of interns at RDI can be seen at members page.

2018 Internship Opportunity

Until 2017, RDI received 38 interns from 18 different universities, and have seen their capabilities increased as researchers. We are now looking for highly motivated interns who are eager to get some research experiences. In 2018, we open internships on topics related to:

Interns at Resilience Development Initiative will be faced with many prominent research studies ranging from national to international scale. Internship period is January—June 2018.

Internship Activities

Internship Testimony

My three-month role as a research intern at RDI was a very positive, interesting and productive experience. I spent my internship researching and writing a working paper on the potential for analysing why smallholders choose particular land management techniques.

- Thomas Guy Lovett, Leiden University (Netherlands)

Interning at RDI was my first working experience as future humanitarian practitioner. It gave me the precious opportunity to be introduce to the research and knowledge building world which is behind any effective and efficient relief operation.

- Marta Mori, NOHA Association Universities

It has been a real pleasure to do my internship at RDI. The environment was the embodiment of a positive, inclusive, supportive and empowering work-place and everyone was inspirational in their own way. I could not have wished for a better experience and it has certainly opened my horizons to conducting fur-ther research or even taking research up as a career.

- Justyna Green, Murdoch University (Australia)

The professional placement at RDI was the highlight of my time in Bandung and it was an immensely rewarding way to complete the IR semester at UNPAR. Further to international relations, it brought together much prior learning and areas of future interest in the fields of sustainability science, the non government sec-tor and Indonesian studies. This contributed to valuable and unique interdisciplinary work experience with outcomes including writing a research paper.

- Janelle Falconer, University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)

RDI’s internship program not only allows me to conduct a conducive re-search based on my topic of interest, but also provides me with the chance to get broad ranges of supervision and support that I need for my research. On top of that, it also gives me the chance to meet amazing people from different backgrounds who share the same passion. If you want to experi-ence how it is like to work in the research field firsthand, RDI offers the best opportunity for it.

- Aini N. Z. Maulani, Parahyangan University (Indonesia)

Internship in RDI is a great experi-ence. I think this internship pro-gram is recommended for those who want to know how the re-searcher working.

- Salma Humaira, Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia)

As I joined RDI as an intern, I figured that RDI is more than an ideal place to strengthen my writing and analyti-cal skills. I believe it is a privilege to have the leniency to explore topic and areas of my interest while being supported by supervisors that have greater knowledge in the field.

- Deidra A. Said, Earlham College (USA)

RDI provide a positive working environment in which an intern can feel comfortable, whilst also make a solid contribution to the body of work produced by RDI.

- Michael Coffey, Murdoch University (Australia)