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Urban Health Determinant on COVID-19 Outbreak

Team Leader : Dr. Cynthia Susilo
Team Members : Bony Wiem Ph.D (Cand), Elisabeth Rianawati Ph.D (Cand), Soly Santoso, M.Sc
Intern : Mediatrich Triani, S.Ars
Point of Contact : Amesta Ramadhani | Ferio Brahmana

With high mobility and needs of productivity, urban residents are experiencing higher exposure of COVID-19's danger. Until July 23th of 2020, the number of confirmed cases has reached 93,657 cases of which the highest contributions are coming from some biggest province such as DKI Jakarta or East Java ( ,2020). COVID-19 has affected various sectors in urban areas especially its health aspects. One of it include how it affects the mortality rate of one province or a city/ district or mental health problems. Furthermore, various urban health emergencies called for a better strategic health development plan.

Analysis on determinants that have direct impact on urban health during the COVID-19 will help us better understanding the underlying factors that could jeopardize or improve the current social and physical environment during the pandemic. Knowledge related to urban design, health risk and its mitigation will be important to devise a more comprehensive health intervention scheme. Additionally, it can also be applied to not only COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases such as\ dengue fever, TBC and others. in Indonesia's future plan on developing tourism sector.

Last updated 27 September 2020

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