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Understanding The Lockdown Policy Effects on Indonesia's Tourism SMEs to Enhance a More Resilient SMEs in the Futures

Team Leader : Dr. Ayu Krishna
Team Members : Dr. Riela Driandra, Dr. Indraswari, Dr. Jonathan Lassa, Pungky Utami, M. Sc.
Intern : Putriani Dwi N. H., S. Hut
Point of Contact : Ichsan Hafiz

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, tourism is one of the most promising sectors in Indonesia. On 2018, tourism sector contributes up to 228.5 trillion rupiahs on Indonesia foreign exchange, grows more than 15% each year (CNN, 2020). After the outbreak hit tourism sector is one of the sectors that are hit the hardest. Containment policies including international and domestic travel restriction, social distancing policy severely impacting tourism sector in Indonesia. All of tourism sectors, e.g. hotel, retail, food and beverage, and entertainment has lost their occupancy up to 100% (RDI, 2020) which the biggest victims are SMEs - the biggest business sector in Indonesia.

Considering the current situation, it is important to understand the challenges faced by tourism sector, especially one that still relies on traditional face-to-face transaction. Additionally, there is also possibilities that Indonesia will face another similar outbreak situation which requires well-grounded response strategy. Given the above reasons a study that can provide an underpinning knowledge of the relations between policy, SMEs and resilience are crucial in preparing a strategy that can be embedded in Indonesia's future plan on developing tourism sector.

Last updated 27 September 2020

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