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Urban Refugee

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The influx of refugees into countries and cities is currently an emerging global issue that needs to be tackled not only by bordering countries, but also by the global communities. Doubled over the past two decades, by January 2017, there are more than 67.7 million of people of concern to UNHCR around the world affected by conflict – making one in every 113 people worldwide forcibly displaced. Two thirds are living in urban areas. Cities offer the possibility of greater opportunities for economic integration and self-reliance for migrants and refugees and potentially offer a local integration alternative to return. Now, an increasing number of cities are integrating migration policies into urban planning and development initiatives.

The issue of refugees is emerging in urban areas and an understudied one in Indonesia. RDI Urban Refugees Research Group is part of the Children, Social Welfare and Health Cluster, working in collaboration with Bandung Disaster Study Group. The research group focusing on urban refugees, to increase awareness, knowledge-base, and public discourse on the topic and how it can contribute to urban development. At the core of the research is to find out how cities in Indonesia, who directly experience the influx of migration, welcome and deal with refugees despite the limited regulation and framework in the country.

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Relevant Past Publications:

  • Tahir, A., Dwiyani, R., Sagala, S., Viartasiwi, N. (2020). Secondary Cities and Forced Migration. | Download
  • Viartasiwi, N., Tahir, A., Dwiyani, R. (2019). Building Bridge in Liminality: Education for Children Refugees in Transiting Country. | Download
  • Zheng, C. (2018) Navigating the infinite timeline: Social integration of refugees in long-term transit. | Download

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Field Visit of Urban Refugee Team
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On the 8th and 9th of February 2019, the Urban Refugees team from RDI conducted a follow up interview with several refugees in Bogor and Jakarta. A previous visit was conducted the week prior to conne...

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Meeting the Urban Refugees
admin | Uref | Feb 01, 2019 | Comments

At the end of January to early February, RDI Urban Refugees team began visiting several stakeholders to learn more about urban refugees in the Jakarta-Bogor area. The team consisted of Senior RDI rese...

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach involving

  • Human Security
  • Conflict Transformation and Mediation
  • Urban Planning
  • Children and Youth
  • Humanitarian Operations
  • Risk Communication

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