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Scarcity and Conflict in the Natural Environment

admin - Feb 24, 2017 07:02:21 pm 264 Views Location - UNPAD Dipatiukur

As part of a collaboration between RDI and Leeds University, a lecturer from Leeds University gave a lecture at the Graduate School of Padjadjaran University on Scarcity and Conflict. In general, natural resources limited; for instance, oil, coal, and other natural resources are used to produce goods and services, particularly oil. However, the quantity of oil is limited. The scarcity of oil also cause wars in several countries, it was also the cause of conflict.

Although, the case about the Indus river gave a new perspective about scarcity and conflict. The conflict between India and Pakistan has caused several wars, but because the water is vital for the people, they made a treaty about managing water resources from the Indus river and it survived for 2 wars since 1960. The institutional framework that manages natural resources is important in managing conflict. Arrangement of natural resources can become a tool to achieve sustainable development and limit a "cowboy economy"""".


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