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Transport Safety in Malaysia: The Case of Motorcycle Users

admin - Feb 23, 2017 07:03:52 pm 17 Views Location - RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

Dr. Ari Tarigan, cluster chair of Infrastructure Urban Governance visited RDI to give a lecture about transport safety in Malaysia in case of motorcycle users. Road safety is an issue in developing country, especially. In Malaysia every 3 persons they have 1 motorcycle, yet in Indonesia every 5 persons for each motorcycle. Road accidents in Malaysia are among highest in southeast Asia; ironically this happened in motorways which are already better, and has its own segregated roadways and specific lane markings. Apparently, the road segregation doesn`t really change the number of road fatalities.

In this research Dr. Ari Tarigan aims to raise the issue of colleration between motorcyclists-risky behaviour (speeding and not using helmet) and the use of motorcycle exclusive lanes in Batu Pahat and Shah Alam, Malaysia. Theories used in this theory of planned behavior, theory of reasoned action.

Using path diagram, it shows factors that caused people to speed such as: perceived behavior of others speeding, and people whom use exclusive lanes tend to feel safer than inclusive lane and it affects their psychology and caused them to risk behaviors. While helmet use, it is quite similar, where perception of other people not using helmet affects them to not wear helmet at all. However, there are no evidence found regarding relationship between different types of road lanes` usage and decision to not use helmet. Executive lanes may indirectly affect the helmet use decisions. However, segregated lanes could foster risky behaviors that could lead to significant fatalities.


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