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Livelihood Recovery of Communities

admin - Feb 23, 2017 07:07:06 pm 7 Views Location - RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

On 21st August, RDI held a lecture from Elisabeth Rianawati, cluster chair of Children, Social Welfare, and Health. On this event, researchers from RDI also explain about their research with topic about, Disaster and Economic Development, Energy and Institution, and IT Utilization for Participation.

The lecture from Mrs Elisabeth is explain about the livelihood program that implemented in Kelud and Sinabung. After disaster, many life aspect of communities affected. Prior to disaster, the aid from government and other organization are food, cash transfer, and other. After that the assists are more on livelihood aspect for communities to sustain dependently in economic and social sphere.

In this talk, Mrs Elisabeth talk about how the assist from organization for similar disaster on different location have various characteristic that need to consider. The characteristic of each community need to be understand before aid on livelihood was given. Other than that, the participation of government is important to maintain the sustainability, especially if the assist was from non-government organization.


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