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Education in Emergency

admin - Feb 23, 2017 07:08:20 pm 8 Views Location - RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

RDI once again held lecture and research discussion on 4 September 2017. Dr. Saut Sagala gave lecture with topic about Education in Emergency. Not only that, our researchers, Yasmina Wulandari and Adryan Sasongko also give presentation on Internal Displacement People (IDP) in Sinabung and SME Resilience respectively.

In Emergency situation, after disaster event, aids in form of goods such as foods, clothes, or WASH have been usually given to communities who affected by the disaster. However education aspect for communities who affected often neglected, especially for the children who was included in vulnerable group. In Indonesia, there is no specific regulation for this situation. However, several NGO have tried to manage this condition uses guidance. Minimum Standards for Education from Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergency is one of guidance for education in emergency condition.

One of the cases in Indonesia is after the earthquake in Pidie Jaya on December 2016. Government and INGOs tried to make sure the education in school for children after the earthquake work well and began in the appropriate time. They prepared teachers, students, and facilities to support it was ready to began education process. Other than that, in transition process, Save the Children did a program for children in IDP camp to steady their psychological condition. The absence of regulation to manage the education in emergency situation in Indonesia could become a problem for other cases.


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