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The Use Of Information Technology In Research Data Collection

admin - Feb 24, 2019 07:58:04 pm 80 Views Location - RDI Office Bandung, Indonesia

On 11th January 2019, RDI hosted a guest lecture with Irsyad Kharisma, an IT specialist from the World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia. The theme of the guest lecture is "the use of information technology in research Data collection". Specifically, Irsyad elaborated on the functionality of OpenDataKit (ODK) version 1.7. He presents the general information of the application, such as its advantage if compared with using paper-based data collection method. ODK is able to record images, sounds, video, and geotag during its use in data collection process. Moreover ODK is proven to be more practical, simple, and easy to operate in difficult environments if compared with paper-based data collection.

In addition, Irsyad also provided training for RDI staff members and interns on how to operate ODK, starting with an introduction of how to operate the mobile application, how to set up a form using basic spreadsheets which then can be directly integrated with the ODK app, how to store the data in platforms such as ODK aggregate,, Kobo Collect, or basic Google Drive and Google Sheets. The Attendees took part in the demo of making a basic question form that could potentially simplify the data collection process and the analytical process. During the discussion, attendees of the lecture also conclude that ODK is very relevant for contemporary research data collection but the use of ODK app must also take account of the respondents, survey type, language, and other conditions during the field survey.

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