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Collective Intelligence

admin - Feb 17, 2020 08:34:51 pm 349 Views Location - Indonesia Education University (UPI) and Padjadjaran University (Unpad)

Adnane delivering his lecture in UPI

Last week, precisely on 11 and 13 February 2020, our visiting scholar, Adnane Derbani, had the chance to present two lectures in Indonesia Education University (UPI) and Padjadjaran University (Unpad) consecutively. He delivered lectures on "Collective Intelligence" which elaborates on its impact of when people come together to communicate, think and combine knowledge in order to generate ideas and face challenges together. It is amusing to realise and understand that collective intelligence can be correlated to many things, which in this case are to digital business and sustainable tourism in UPI and Unpad consecutively.

Group picture with the lecturers

The guest lecture in UPI, which was held on Tuesday, 11 February 2020. The lecture was intended for undergraduate students of Faculty of Economics and business education, and was started by how Adnane demystified all the misconceptions and misunderstand about the term of collective intelligence and explained the meaning of it by more precisely giving the audience variety of clarifications from different perspectives. Adnane also elaborated on why and how could collective intelligence be used through answering questions coming from the audience. Through the question and answer session, Adnane further argued as to why there is needs and necessities to use collective intelligence to not only generate ideas but to also overcome many challenges we are facing as a human. Therefore, it is clear how collective intelligence is efficient to be applied in real-life examples and of different fields and cases. In order to illustrate this, Adnane chose digital business as a real example and showed how we could apply collective intelligence on to it, as well as to how we could benefit the maximum of this approach in digital business.

Adnane delivering his lecture in Unpad

As for the lecture in Unpad on Thursday, 13 February 2020, Adnane also delivered the same concept and explanation on collective intelligence in the Master Programme of Sustainable Tourism. While also elaborating on the use and importance of collective intelligence in real-life daily cases, Adnane emphasised on how sustainable tourism can be advanced through application of collective intelligence. Through generating ideas from group of individuals in overcoming the challenges faced, collective can surely be one of the ways to further enhance the practice of sustainable tourism. Lastly, we would like to thank both UPI and Unpad for making this series of lectures possible in the first place. 

Group picture in Master Programme of Sustainable Tourism, Unpad


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