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Seismic City Concepts

Dr. Gavin Sullivan was invited to speak about seismic cities project on 18 May 2018. He presented Seismic City project which have aim to address the challenge of the sustainable cities and communities in urban regions prone to the hazard of the earthquake by increasing resilience to such seismic shocks. He showed the videos and photos related to the impact of the earth quake in Santiago, that has recently experience major earthquake. He also linking large reservoir and earthquake in Santiago which have a possibilities to loss control of the water supply and flood because resevoir are usually particularly sensitive to the earthquakes. He also mentioned Christchurch Earthquakes and the impacts. The Christchurch earthquakes caused extensive damage such as building in city centre collapsed and minor damage occurred in buildings affected by previous earthquake. He also showed several pictures, such as the city`s symbol, the Angelican Cathedral, was ruin crumbling, another buildings collapsed, roads and sewers damaged. Emma Critchley also screening her previous video project about earthquake and the victims in Chile from artist perspective. The video is made based on her experiences when she was interviewed earthquake victims in Chile by combining photography, film, and audio-visual at once

This event is very useful to improve knowledge and understanding of seismic city for RDI collegues and also a platform of the communcation interactions for depth understanding by question and answer session.