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Other-Focused Leaders, Self-Focused Followers and Citizenship Behavior

Objective :

    1. To examine the mediating role of perceived unit sacrifice the servant
    leadership and citizenship behavior relationship.
    2. To examine the moderating role of individual personality characteristics
    (i.e., narcissism and independence) in the servant leadership and
    citizenship behavior relationship.
Research model :
Servent leadership will influence the perceived unit sacrifice and Narcissism is the moderate the perceived unit sacrifice (moderation models).

Why servent leadership?
Servent leadership is not a new concept and already implemented in 1970-era by green leaf.

1. Servent leadership is a growing topic in the leadership study. It`s been tough for around 10015 years and using new approach/style such us charimatic leardership, performanced-focused.
2. A growing concern regarding employee well-being.
- Hapiness at work, passionate job, and Google effect. Google effect->
well being. Howw you treat your employess
3. #1 reason why employees quit their job : Their boss (or bosses)!
4. The most possible; most magical word : “Thank you, Mate” and needs to
be specific. Being thankfull and appreciate other works are also important.
5. SL leads to higher individual organizational performance.

Why Citizenship Behavior?
In role bs extra-role performance :
- In role : formal, directly-related, and expected performance e.g job
destciption-> rewards.
- Extra-role : Beyod formal job requirements, voluntary work. Non-
mandatory (can be spontaneous). Beyond the call of duty -> non
evaluated; non-rewards.
- Examples :
1. Greet examples (such as “Are you ok day?” : to know someone are ok
emotionally and physically).
2. Help orient new employee
3. Stay a bit longer in the office
4. Provide feedbacks for improvement to organization or other team
- Citizenship behaviors play in key indicator of organizational effectiveness,
and effect the individual and financial performance.
- Contribute to the effective functioning of organization (Organ et al.,

Servant leaders increase follower citizenship behavior by fostering in followers
the view that teir co-workers are group-goal oriented and behace in collective
ways. There are, however, boundary conditons to this influence.

Servant leaders were more effective in increasing follower citizenship behavior
for followers with lower levels of narcissism and independence.

We recommend formal and informal leadership development programs for senior
executives to help them impart and role-model servant leadership behaviors in
order to foster perception of unit sactifice and in turn citizenship behavior in
Align performance management system to monitor, enforce, and rewarn
teamwork and collaborative behavior.

The best way to affected organizaion until now is to set up the culture, way people even have the same idea in the culture organizations eventhough the boss is away from the office. And further we also need to monitor the culture. If you want people to be detailed, you should do it first and the employee/people will follow you either.

Self love is more prevalent in certain occupations and industries and industries. Narcissism make peole could be work well. An implication for organizations seeking to increase citizenship behavior is that characteritics of narcissism and independence can be incorporated in the selection systems to screen out highly
narcissistic and independent applicants through, for example, critical behavior