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INDIeKNOW DR - Exploring intersections of Indigenous or Traditional Knowledge and Disaster and Risk Management-

On Wednesday, 6th January 2019, RDI in collaboration with Lancaster University and University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD) conducted a guest lecture and workshop titled “SEADCORE: Disaster Resilience and the Value of Local Tradition” at the Postgraduate Building in UNPAD. There were 3 speakers in total: Dr. Male Lujan Escalante and Dr. Christine Mortimer from Lancaster University, and Dr. Dicky Muslim from UNPAD. The first session began with presentations from both Dr. Male and Dr. Christine. In their presentations Dr. Male highlighted various creative methodologies that can be used to study the field of disaster resilience and the importance of ethics in the use of technology for this field. Dr. Christine added to this by emphasizing the importance of community leadership and the importance of “local knowledge” when assessing risk situations. After their presentation, Dr. Male and Dr. Christine led a workshop with the participants of the seminar to encourage the participants to map disaster risk management situations using indigenous or traditional knowledge.

The second session was a lecture by Dr. Dicky Muslim with the theme of “Disaster Awareness and Geotourism”. The aim of the presentation was to introduce how risk potential areas have become part of the tourism industry. He highlighted several cases such as in Palu, Cisolok, and Bandung in which geotourism was happening in risk areas. An example of this is how the trash-dumping site in Bandung caught the attention of travelers and become a selfie hotspot for tourists. Dr. Dicky concluded his presentation by stating that educating all stakeholders, mainstreaming disaster issues, disaster awareness is key for safety issues particularly in tourist destination and should not be neglected.

The guest lecture and workshop was a great experience for all involved and brought forward many new fruitful ideas in the field of disaster resilience.