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Husnul Aris Alberdi


Former Staff


Renewable Energy & Emission Reduction (REER)



Husnul Aris Alberdi is a researcher and also activity manager in Resilience Development Initiative in Bandung, Indonesia. He has published several book chapter at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and a working paper at RDI. He also likes to collaborate and build networks with other researcher. Although his background from urban and regional planning, but he is also interested with diverse research field. His research interests range from climate change, renewable energy, institutional capacity, and emission reduction. He also want to learn more about energy policy, urban development, smart city, and public policy.

Research Interest

Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction.

Year Experience

Bachelor of Science, in Urban and Regional Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Working Experience
Year Experience
2017 - Present

Activity Manager 2, Resilience Development Indonesia (RDI), Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction.


Assistant Lecturer, in Course “Introduction to Engineering Design”. Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia


Assistant Project for Course, “Introduction of Geology in Spatial Planning”. Bundesanstlat fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR), Germany


Non-Government organization Perkumpulan Inisiatif Intern.

Research Experience
Year Experience

Increasing Energy Security through Institution Adaptive Capacity Case Study: Palembang City, Indonesia.


Researcher, The role of culture in facilitating disaster-resilient communities: A mixed-method investigation of the community surrounding Mount Sinabung, Indonesia. PI: Dr. Saut Sagala. Funding: Pump-Prime Research from Coventry University.


Integration of Government- and Community-developed Early Warning Systems for Floods in Bandung Regency.


Rural Biogas Usage Management as Agricultural Waste Reduction Methods. Study Case: North Bandung Area.


Mapping the community Capacity On rural Development (Case study: Nagari Kamang Mudiak, West Sumatera).

Seminar and Workshops
    • Seminars
    • November 2016 :
      • 12th National Conference: Community based Disaster Risk Reduction “Making Protection as Important Part of the Community Resilience”

    • Workshop
    • September 2016 :
      • Pre-Conference Panel Discussion 8th Widyatama International Seminar on Sustainability (WISS) Taking a Peek at Indonesia’s energy Future

    • Sagala, S., Alberdi, H.A., Al-faruq, U. (2017) (to be submitted), Increasing Energy Security through Institution Adaptive Capacity Case Study: Palembang City, Indonesia (Tentative title)
    • Alberdi, H.A., Sagala, S., Reeves, A., Kharisma, I. (2016) Book Chapter in “Disaster Resilience Community”, Chapter 10: How can Cash Transfer Promote Community Resilience? Family Hope Program (Program Keluarga Harapan) Implementation in East Nusa Tenggara. LIPI, Bandung.
    • Paramita, B., Alberdi, H.A., Sagala, S. (2016) Book Chapter in “Disaster Resilience Community”, Chapter 6: Spatial planning perspective based on disaster mitigation and climate change adaptation in Slum: Precedent on Kampung Kota Area, Bandung. LIPI, Bandung.