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Andreas Dwiputra


Research Officer


Renewable Energy & Emission Reduction (REER)



Andreas Dwiputra Andreas graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with a bachelor degree in Bachelor Degree. He is currently affiliated with Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) as Bioenergy Research Officer. In the scope of research, Andreas involves himselfactivities are mainly on topics relating related to renewable energy and emission reduction (REER) cluster.

Research Interest

Renewable energy, technology, environment.

Year Experience

Bachelor of Science, Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.

Working Experience
Year Experience
Oct 2019 – Present

Project Officer of “Digital Global Biogas Cooperation”, collaborating with GIZ, WIP, AEA, EBA, AKBOE, LLU, FVB, ICEADDIS, INTRA, SELECTRA, ISEES, GREENCAPE, funded by European Commission Horizon 2020, 2019-2022

Nov 2019 – Present

Bioenergy Research Officer at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI).

August – October 2019

Intern at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI).

Informal Experiences
Year Experience

Group Leader and Core Team in Summer English 2019 in Bali


Group Leader in Summer English 2018 in Bandung


Coordinator of Navigator ITB


Chemical Engineering Laboratory Assistant of Fluid Flow Module


Group Meeting Coordinator of Downstream Laboratory in PAU ITB

Seminar & Workshops

  • December 2019 - National Workshop, “Clean and Affordable Renewable Energy for Sustainable Rural and Remote Areas through Microgrids”
  • November 2019 - Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue (IETD) 2019 by Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)
  • September 2019 - Rencana Aksi “Views from the Frontline” (VFL) FL 2019, collaborating with the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), 2019