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Dian Lutfiana




Disaster & Climate Resilience (DCR)



Dian Lutfiana Dedicated and motivated graduate with many experiences in environmental resource management, governance and policy, disaster management, and urban and regional planning working areas. I am a tough worker and able to work as a team or individual in conducting in-depth research analysis and professional career.

Research Interest

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Managemen
  • Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation
  • Rural and Regional Planning
  • Environmental Sustainability and Development
  • Environmental Governance and Policy

Year Experience

Master of Environmental Management and Development, Australian National University, Australia.


Bachelor, in Departement of Urban and Regional Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Working Experience
Year Experience
2013 - present

Staff, Resilience Development Indonesia (RDI).


Indonesian Language Teaching Assistant, on Telopea Park School, Barton, ACT, Australia.


High School Indonesian Class assistant teacher (part-time).

2012 - 2014

Research Assistant, Regional and Rural Planning Research Group, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology.


Drafter, of Cleaner Production Article “Clean Production for PT. PLN PJB to maintain the Quality of Atmosphere” and “Waste Management Technology as Commitment of PT. PLN PJB to keep the Quality of Environment”.


Intern in the Directorate of Energy, Resources, Minerals and Mining, Assist the arranging of a Policy Development for Mining Industry in Indonesia.

2010 - present

Active member, Resources, Minerals and Mining, Bandung Disaster Study Group (Voluntary Organization), Bandung.

    • 2014, Master degree program in Environmental Management and Development at Australian National University (ANU)
    • 2012, Research and Innovation Grant Program – Osaka Gas Foundation
    • 2015, Youth Exchange Program Japan-Indonesia “Disaster Risk Reduction” – Waseda University & Bandung Disaster Study Group (BDSG)
    • Sagala, S., Dodon, D., Lutfiana, D., & Wimbardana, R. (2013). Wetlands Land Use Change in Palembang City: Issues and Implication to Urban Flood Mitigation Policy. In H. Anwar (Ed.), Disaster Management Issues in Indonesia (In Indonesian Languange). Bandung, Indonesia: Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI).
    • Lutfiana, D., Sagala, S., Furqon, T. and Wimbardana, R. (2013) Exploring Social Capital Role to Restore Community Resilience after West Java Earthquake: Case Study Pangalengan District, Bandung Region, West Java. Proceeding of 2nd Planocosmo International Conference, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (accepted).
    • Lutfiana, D. 2012. Factors Affecting Housing Recovery Process After the Earthquake (Case Study: Pangalengan District, Bandung Region, West Java) (Final Project). Bandung Institute of Technology: Bandung. (In Indonesian Language).