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Sarah Nur Devina Adhitya


Outreach Officer


Tourism & Cultural Heritage (TCH)



Sarah Adhitya graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University with bachelor degree in International Relations. She is currently affiliated with Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) as outreach officer. Her responsibilities are mainly focusing on online platforms management, proceeding internship application and developing outreach strategy and planning. In the scope of research, Sarah involves herself mainly on topics related to finance and business management (FBM) and tourism and cultural heritage (TCH). Apart from her primary responsibility as an outreach officer, Sarah has also been involved in consultancy and proposal writing as well as engaging with several stakeholders, academicians and local communities.

Year Experience

Bachelor of Arts, Department of International Relations, Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung (UNPAR), Indonesia.

Research Interest

Sustainable financing, urban refugees, geotourism.

Working Experiences
Year Experience
May 2019 - Present

Outreach officer at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) responsible for the primary work of online platforms management and proceeding internship application

January – April 2019

Intern at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) with focus research on “Sustainable Financing” under the scope of finance and business management (FBM) cluster

Informal Experiences
Year Experience
2017 - 2018

Staff of Journal Division of Kelompok Studi Mahasiswa Pengkaji Masalah Internasional (KSMPMI) registered directly under Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional (HMPSIHI)


Co-coordinator of Journal Division in “IR’s Week 2017” which is a periodical academic agenda of UNPAR Department of International Relations for “Call for Essay” competition


Representative from Indonesia of for AIESEC Global Village in Bangkok, Thailand held in Bangkok University

2016 - 2017

Exchange Participant of AIESEC Global Citizen programme for “Sawasdee 21” project in Thailand


Liaison Officer of annual Parahyangan Catholic University orientation programme, GINTRE (Gathering and Introducing International Relations)

Seminars and Workshops

  • 5-6 December 2019 National Workshop, “Clean and Affordable Renewable Energy for Sustainable Rural and Remote Areas through Microgrids”
  • 6-8 November 2019 EBTKE ConEx 2019, “Masyarakat Energi Terbarukan Indonesia (METI)”, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 22 March 2019 Bandung Energy Mini Symposium, Bandung, Indonesia