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17 February 2020
RDI Admin
Water and the City Conference

RDI director, Elisabeth Rianawati, presenting the paper

A very advanced initiative from Asian Research Institute was conducted through a mini conference from 6 to 7 Februa...

23 January 2020
RDI Admin
Speculative Design as an Approach to Prospect the Future

Dr.Emmanuel Tsekleves (left) and Dr. Min Hooi Yong (right) presenting the speculative designs produced throughout the ProtoPolicyAsia research project intended for old people

16 December 2019
RDI Admin
New RDI Partner: ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat

ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability Southeast Asia Secretariat (ICLEI SEAS) and the Resilience Development Initiative are proud to announce their partnership towards delivering unparalleled su...

13 December 2019
RDI Admin
New RDI Partner: Global Alliance for Urban Crises

As a think tank focusing on issues relating to sustainable development and resilience studies, RDI always strives to conduct research with primary objective to make people become more resilient. Comin...

19 November 2019
RDI Admin
Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue 2019 – Deepening the Understanding of the Energy Transition

Institute for Essential Services Forum (IESF) and Indonesia Clean Energy Forum (ICEF) conducted the 2nd Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue (IETD), the forum addressed topic of deepening the understa...

14 November 2019
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EBTKE ConEx 2019 — Renewable Energy Transition in Indonesia

Vice Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia, Suahasil Nazara, S.E., M.Sc., PhD with Chairman of Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI), Surya Darma.

As part of reach...

12 November 2019
RDI Admin
Digital Biogas Cooperation: Kick-Off Meeting

In order to support ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy (SDGs 7) in Indonesia, Resilience Development Initiative (RDI), as the only representation of Asian Countries...

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