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Taking A Peek At Indonesia’s Energy Future

admin - Sep 05, 2016 04:27:07 pm 10 Views Location - Widyatama University Bandung

On September 5th 2016, RDI collaborated with Widyatama to hold a discussion panel on renewable energy in Indonesia as a part of 8th WISS conference in Bandung. In this event, we are honored to host two distinguished speakers, Prof. Jon Lovett (University of Leeds) and Prof. Joy Clancy (University Twente). Dr. Saut Sagala (ITB) also presented his research on Palembang’s energy security; Mr. Endang Kuswandi (PT Rancang Bangun Nusantara) shared his experience on implementing wind technology in Garut district and Ms. Elisabeth Rianawati (RDI) presented RDI`s research on rural biogas application in Boyolali and Lembang. This event was moderated by Dr. Mangapul Nababan and Dr. Yudha Prambudia. This event was attended from academicians, field practitioners and local government staffs, which resulted in dynamic discussion and sharing sessions. Prof. Jon Lovett is a professor at Leeds University’s School of Geography; he shared his work on Energy Garden—a concept developed to promote the utilization of biofuel as response to scarcity of fossil fuel and the high demand for its supply while contribute to reduction of GHG. Prof. Joy Clancy is an expert on gender and energy, she shared her researches on women’s position in the energy ladder and how gender equality could affect and improve energy management. Overall, the material and the discussion led to a productive and fruitful event.


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