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Studying Abroad (RDI Researcher): A New Exiting yet a Challenging Experience

admin - Mar 15, 2017 08:20:12 pm 13 Views Location - Auckland University, New Zealand

PPI Auckland during club orientation

Herewith, Alpian Pratama, one of RDI researchers, tells us about his impression about studying at Auckland University, New Zealand. Over the past four weeks, I have experienced a lot of things that comes me as a first time. Thanks to Auckland - Indonesian Student Association (PPI - Auckland) that help me through this past month. Starting from finds a new flat until to how to finds mart with cheap but has good quality of daily needs.

Field trip. One of the compulsory beside classroom activity 

I fell a very strong international academic atmosphere in Auckland. The students not only come from NZ and Pacific but also from Asia and America among others China, Korea, Japan, India, Brazil, and Argentina as well. Though is still young, some of my colleagues are very enthusiast and compassionate for research. Recently, we have a field trip to the Far North District (FND), the most northern part of New Zealand to have some lectures from local farmers about private conservation and preservation.


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