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Participating in Staff Enhancement Program on Waste Management

admin - Nov 12, 2017 11:01:59 am 32 Views Location - Temple University Japan

One of RDI fellows, Jatmiko Wahyudi, had an opportunity to attend the BAPPENAS Staff Enhancement Program 2017 which took place from October 2nd- 27th, 2017 and held at Temple University Japan. The program was run under The Professional Human Resource Development Project funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The program addressed Japanese and International best practice of community-based waste management. Various modern methods and procedures for receiving, processing, and recycling various kinds of waste were observed. During the program, Jatmiko learned many aspect of waste management in Japan that were legal framework, life cycle assessment, circular economy, municipal solid waste (packaging waste, food waste, aluminum and plastic wastes, electrical and electronic equipment wastes) and converting waste to energy. Many study visits were also conducted in research institutions as well as waste management installations such as incinerators, landfills, recycling plants. Implementing integrated waste management is a key success for Japan not only to overcome waste problems but also to get benefits by generating energy and extracting valuable materials from wastes.


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