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Presentation of Janelle Falconer, RDI Intern from ACICIS - Australia (Unpar, Bandung)

admin - Jul 14, 2017 07:23:41 am 32 Views Location - Parahyangan University, Bandung

On Wednesday, 12th July 2017, RDI had an opportunity to attend final presentation from Janelle Falconer, RDI intern from ACICIS - Australia in Universitas Parahyangan. The examiner of Janelle's final presentation were Dr. Saut Sagala (RDI), Dr. Ari Tarigan (RDI), Fernando Mulia, S.E., M.Kom. (Unpar), and Irsanti Hasyim, SE., MSM., M.Eng (Unpar). In this final presentation, Janelle presented her internship report in RDI within timeframe between 12th June 2017 - “ 21st July 2017. Her topic of presentation was about comparative analysis of UNESCO Global Geoparks (GG) from five countries including Indonesia. The topic is going to be integrate with RDI's research project on The Batur Geopark, Bali, that is focusing on socio-economic perspective. For the next ocassion, Janelle will be involving in field observations in the Gunung Batur Geopark, Bali, following week with RDI and ITB team. Success for Janelle!

Acitivity during presentation


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