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Institutional Visits to Widyatama, UPI and UNPAR

admin - Sep 08, 2017 07:21:22 pm 32 Views Location - Widyatama University, University of Education, Parahyangan University (CARED`s)

On 31st August, and then followed by 6 -7th September 2017, RDI visited Widyatama University, Education University of Indonesia (UPI) and Centre for Adaptation and Resilience Environmental Desain Studies (CAREDs) of Parahyangan University as part of institutional visits to RDI affiliated partners. All of them had signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) previously with RDI in terms of research and project collaboration.

On 31st of August, RDI team met Dr. Yudha Prambudia, Mr. Iqbal Yulizar, and Ms. Verani Hartati from Engineering Faculty of Widyatama University. This meeting discussed about Widyatama University intention to collaborate within new research topics offered by RDI, one of them is Shopping Travel Behaviour.

On 6th of September, RDI team met Prof. Wanjat Kastolani and Dr. Beta Paramita from Center for Disaster Mitigation and Environmental Studies of UPI, and discussed about various collaboration plans. One of them is half-day seminar that will be held in UPI Campus on November 2017. The next day (7th of September), RDI team met Dr. Yohanes Karyadi, Dr. Glosia Pele, and Ms. Yenny Gunawan from CAREDs, and discussed about various potential collaborations within several research topics as well as plan to syncronize the roadmaps of both institutions.

Institutional visit aims to have an insight of organizational profile and current research/projects conducted by RDI affiliated partners so far.

RDI Team with Widyatama University

RDI Team with UPI


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