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Attended The Three Days Training on Planetary health in Cebu, Philippines

admin - Oct 11, 2017 08:27:59 pm 13 Views Location - Cebu, Philippines

On 11 to 13 October, Elisabeth Rianawati attended the three days training on planetary health in Cebu, Philippines. The event was held by Rockefeller sponsorship through UNU-IIHG and University of Philippines Cebu. The keynote speakers were Dr. Teodore Herbosa, Prof. Nordin Hasan, Prof Romeo Quijano, Dr. Obijiofor Aginam, Dr. Suneetha, Dr. Weena and Atty. Gloria Ramos. The speakers covered topics that help the participant to understand the basic definition of planetary health and how it should be mainstreamed into different sector of development. The main focus however is to introduce the SDG`s to the participants and to remind them that every step of state`s development program or even individual research should be connected to the SDG`s indicators. Overall the training has been a wonderful platform of interaction between the participants and the key note as it provided plenty time discussion time.

While Trainning

Group Photo


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