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Participation in Climate Resilient Sustainable Livelihood & Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management Seminar

admin - Jun 08, 2018 12:00:11 pm 28 Views Location - Lombok, Indonesia

On 5th of May, RDI got the opportunity to participate in interactive-seminar held by Oxfam Indonesia with the theme of "Climate Resilient Sustainable Livelihood and Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management" in Lombok. The event was participated by The Major of Bima City accompanied by other local government representations from Lombok Island, national & international NGO representatives, as well as community groups that are partnering with Oxfam.


The event showcased many promising efforts on dealing with climate change and natural disaster issues. Starting form governmental sides, The Major of Bima has demonstrated that with determination and good lobbying skill, the government could provide a new regulation on disaster management budgeting in relatively short amount of time. From the community sides, with creativity in using local wisdom, the people of Flores promoted a drought-resistant food called sorgum which is a substitute for carbohydrate-based menu such as rice, corn and wheat. In addition, Oxfam with several NGO partners such as Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia NTB, Konsepsi Mataram, Koslata Mataram, have developed an ICT-based platform for women to be able to be involved and contribute to the village development.

To Sum, there are many things that can be done to deal with climate change impact and disaster occurrence. It has been showed by various products displayed and innovative approach demonstrated in this event. Further collaboration and escalation of these promising products and approach are required to increase the national resilience. Thus, greater participation and collaboration from public as well as support from the government in various level is essential.

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