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Kampung Kota, Micro-Climate, and Urban Heat Island Mitigation

admin - Oct 09, 2018 01:21:47 pm 21 Views Location - Indonesian Education University, (UPI) Bandung

As part of the ongoing research regarding Urban Heat Island, on October 17th 2018, RDI members co-hosted a focus group discussion alongside Dr. Beta Paramita, a lecturer at UPI and Research Fellow of RDI, which was held in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). It was attended by lecturers, government officials, and representative s from a partner institution. The discussion aimed to disseminate and examine the vulnerability of Bandung City from the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon. There were presentations from the 3 investigators involved in the research: Dr. Beta Paramita, Dr Nandi , and Dr. Saut, each of whom were heavily involved in initiating discussion and introducing ideas. Recognizing the different backgrounds of each investigator, this research also represents an inter-disciplinary approach to conducting research, combining the disciplines of Architecture, Geography, and Urban Planning respectively.

Several points were discussed, the most prominent relates to how the health vulnerability of communities are affected by the Urban Heat Island phenomena and what steps could be taken to mitigate its effects, through research. Participants considered how temperature, wind speed, humidity, and radiation may affect the daily lives of communities without them consciously realizing it. In addition, participants also explored avenues through which the outcome of the Urban Heat Island research could be translated into guidelines or regulations. This included joint cooperation with related stakeholders, future research grants, and commnity interaction and empowerment. Increasing the research from a micro-scale climate research to a scale that could encapsulate a larger area could also increase the likelihood of the research to be considered in the process of developing existing guidelines or standards.

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