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Field Survey for CRSA in Papua and East Java Province

admin - Feb 23, 2018 11:36:12 am 26 Views Location - Papua and East Java Province

RDI team went to Papua dan East Java Province between 5th to 16th of February 2018 on a field observation agenda for Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA) Project (Save the Children). The team consist of Team leader Dr. Akino Midhany (Papua Province) and Ms. Elisabeth Rianawati (East Java Province). RDI team did various interviews, FGDs, and children consultations to Provincial Agencies, local initiatives/NGOs, and local schools to identify current condition of child rights in both provinces. Afterwards, RDI team will conduct Situation Analysis to develop knowledge and understanding on child rights and the supporting systems.

While Survey

The Situation Analysis will make use of multiple methodologies and techniques. Both primary and secondary data will be collected, and quantitative as well as qualitative information will be used. Primary research will include the following: (1) Analysis of the extent to which children's rights have been realized in two provinces (Papua and East Java) ; (2) Analysis of which children are amongst the most marginalized and excluded; (3) Analysis of the extent to which duty bearers, key actors and stakeholders are able to protect and fulfil children's rights, and where possible forecast the likely trend of this over the next 5 years, through review of policies, budget expenditure and gaps; and (4) Identify any opportunities and constraints.

 Group photo with society


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