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ASEAN Forum on Urban Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk

admin - Dec 11, 2017 11:26:44 am 101 Views Location - Laog City, Philippines

On 5 - 7 December, Ramanditya Wimbardana, a RDI research fellow, attended ASEAN Forum on Urban Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk in Laoag City, the Philippines. The forum was a part of the celebration of ASEAN 50th Anniversary held in the Philippines and it was attended by 10 country members from Southeast Asia, India, Japan, and Bangladesh. Ramanditya delivered his research entitled "Empowering Urban Stakeholders Capacity for Governing Low Emission Development through Transnational Municipal Networks: A Case Study of Bogor City, Indonesia".

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The forum emphasized the importance of regional collaboration among ASEAN stakeholders. In the future, the region is going to be more connected and the sustainability problem should be addressed through regional cooperation. To pursue this objective, ASEAN academia should collaborate to provide evidence-based policy.

Ramanditya also had a chance to visit the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia that covers 600 Ha of land. The renewable energy project is more than enough to fulfill electricity demand of Ilocos Norte.

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