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Participated in HKBN 2018 with Disaster Preparedness Game

admin - Apr 27, 2018 11:51:16 am 16 Views Location - RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

On 26 April 2018, RDI held a half day seminar consists of a lecture on Education in Southwest Sumba presented by Rizkita Mardea Nurdiandra (RDI Gender Officer) and a disaster preparedness game led by Avianto Amri (RDI Senior Fellow). This half day seminar is part of series of National Disaster Day events initiated by the National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia and other disaster affiliated institutions. This seminar then concluded by group photo session with #HKBN2018 and slogan "SIAP UNTUK SELAMAT".

In this disaster preparedness session, Mr. Avianto Amri introduced the "PREDIKT" boardgame which introduces disaster-related information to children through games that resemble a ladder snake game. PREDICT was created so that children can learn with their parents about disaster preparedness in an exciting and fun way. This board-game was developed from Mr  Anto`s dissertation task in Macquarie University, Australia.

This event was an opportunity for RDI to delivers knowledge on disaster preparedness to its network, and also on education research topic within the seminar.


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